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  1. O K . Picked up standard compass and signal meter, pulled motorhome to the far end of my property where I could not previously find a signal, in about 30 seconds I had great signal, and was good to go. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THE ADVICE ! Joe
  2. I plan to pick up a signal meter, and a standard compass, although I know the compass on my phone was roughly correct at the camp sight, I want to remove any doubt. At my level of electronic knowledge roughly correct is not enough, I need all the help I can get.
  3. Would leveling the motorhome account for leveling the pole for a roof mount dish? This has been great, I have learned the little I might have been doing right, and the many things I may be doing wrong. Hopefully I can use these things to an ultimate success.
  4. Thanks Bill and Bill. I will pick up a conventional compass and signal meter.
  5. Thanks good to know that, it's another avenue to explore. I think I am going to replace coax, at least it will remove one maybe from the situation .
  6. I plan to get the meter, sounds like it would be helpful. But I guess a bit of my confusion comes from the fact that I use the same method in my driveway and at campground, works at home not at campground. Is there a particular brand of signal finder you would recommend ?
  7. Just a thought .. I based all of my calculations on the compass in my cell phone, cell service at our campsite was in and out, could compass reading be wrong ? I have little if any sense of direction myself so I was going strictly off of phone ?.
  8. I used compass on my phone for initial starting point, and went from there, how likely is it that I would get a zero signal, I am definitely not above messing things up. After using what I thought was a rational approach I then went into random (not so rational) mode, still with zero signal Really appreciate the help
  9. No metal buildings . Does the chance of an intermittent short in coax sound like a possibility ?
  10. It is a manually aimed roof mounted dish. Nothing disconnected, I thought it might have been a bad conductor as well, I did go through receiver setup , but no luck. There was absolutely no obstructions at the campground. Even tried to change the zip code, with no success. Set it to direction and angle as receiver asked, then tried to vary from that, never got anything but 0 on any transponders. When I got home I set dish to 135 deg. And 42 deg and received good signal on all transponders instantly. Do you all think a bad conductor is still a good possibility? And I did confirm it had proper dish configuration. Thanks for your help. Joe
  11. Hooked up directv with receiver from home in RV worked perfectly in my driveway, at campground aprox 40 miles from home, no sat. Signal, clear view of the sky no obstructions, but no signal, got home, raised and aimed dish turned on TV, everything works perfectly. Any advice out there ? Thanks Joe
  12. I like things like that sealed up. Might try some of the new clear latex based caulking, it goes on white and dries clear. It won't last as long as silicone, but what I like about it is when it needs to be redone, it is easy to remove, unlike silicone. It is also very forgiving during application and cleans with water until dry.
  13. Most solid surface can be sanded with progressively finer grits of sandpaper, then grey scotch brite pad, follow with compound or wax if higher shine is required. Clean thoroughly between grits/ compound/ wax. As always test on inconspicuous area first.
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