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  1. This will be our first time attending a FMCA rally. We will not be able to arrive early and may miss day 1 of the rally. Therefore, we will probably locate some "off site" resort parking and travel by toad to the actual event. I would like to know where/when I can view the actual itinerary, including seminar schedules, to make sure we attend the events most important to us. I have not seen anything that explains the seminars that will be offered. Could someone please advise how/when these schedules will be available. Thanks for any help.
  2. I just ordered the TST 507rv. All the TPMS's noted above seem like very good units and don't think one can go wrong ordering any of the top brands. I called TST directly, spoke to their rep who was very helpful in answering my questions. When I informed them that I found the exact unit on ebay for $10 less than TST's quoted price, they matched the price. I've already received a UPS notification that the 8 system unit has been shipped. Great customer service was mentioned in many of the reviews I read, and they certainly lived up to the high expectations.
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