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  1. Will there be a rally in Perry Ga in 2020? I haven't seen any information on it. THIA
  2. We will be going to the Perry Georgia FMCA convention, our first. We will be leaving from east central Fl. on 3/14 and stopping for the night in the Cordele KOA 39 miles from the convention.
  3. Yes still available if you join FMCA's roadside rescue at $69 a year. The reply I got from FMCA below. I think it's more of cost cutting for something offered in our yearly FMCA subscription. "Due to negative feedback we have canceled our agreement with the previous trip routing provider. This benefit is now provided by, and is a part of, FMCA Roadside Rescue powered by SafeRide. If you’re interested in enrolling in Roadside Rescue, you can find the details on fmca.com"
  4. I used the fmca trip routing guide once and now i don't see a link to order one for an upcoming trip. Has this benefit been eliminated??
  5. OR..... if it ain't broke fix it till it is...
  6. After much research we pulled the trigger with the $4,480 quote. Local auto upholstery shops in the area are in their busy season and *maybe* could fit me in sometime the first few months of the new year. Their ballpark quotes were from $3,000 to $4,000, yes they knew about RV's but that warm cozy feeling just wasn't there. With the sewing person recommended by a local RV dealer I/we soon realized this was beyond their ability. After reading many many posts on the Irv2 forum about the ongoing problems with the delamination till I got blurry eyed we decided to do the captain chairs as well and be done with it. Captain chairs weren't delaminating but had wear marks probably from the chair to far back and rubbing on each slide. The coach is off on Wednesday for its facelift to Classic Coachworks in Ormond beach, Fl. This is a VERY large RV remodeler and we feel confident a superior job will be done. Looking at coaches in progress I was impressed. And DW (dear wife) got to pick out a different shade of grade 1 ultra leather. All in all we are extremely happy with the rest of the coach, love the floor plan, everything works and i think i can fix / upgrade from this moment on. ___________________________________________________ Bruce & June Hotaling, 2 Cockers, Maggie & Sadie2009 Thor Magellan 36R 37' F53 w/5 star tune2012 Ford Fusion hybrid & 2010 Ford Ranger Toads
  7. A recent upgrade to a new to us coach a 2009 Thor Magellan and on our first trip of a month the sofa bed with attached recliner leatherette ( or whatever it is) started coming off in 6" chunks. I initially thought that the dealer did some cleaning causing it. After a search on another forum I have learned that this is an ongoing issue with sub standard material for many others. When we looked at the MH to purchase there was no indication of this issues so I'm guessing the dealer doing prep and detail aggravated a problem waiting to happen. Just wish it didn't happen on our first trip. Today I went to a RV restorer which advertises in FMCA magazine which was only 15 miles away from me. A very nice place, very big and most likely the most expensive. I got a quote to recover the sofa/recliner and both driver and passenger chairs for $4,480.... OUCH!!! I needed a few small items and went to my local RV parts store Giant Recreation World in Ormond Beach who knows me well and asked for information. They had a business card for a woman who does sewing for RV's boats etc. They have used her often with outstanding results. Called her and am waiting for her to look and give a quote. I will keep you posted on my results.
  8. On my new to me coach the inside rear dual was out of air. Took the MH slooowly to the local Michelin truck tire place a few miles away. While he took the lug nuts off he felt that they weren't as tight as they should be. After checking the tire and finding the valve stem extender at fault I had him install all new ones and check all wheels for correct torque. I have never seen an impact gun that big and the mechanic explained to me that the extension he put on it prevented going above the 475 ft lb. I love doing things myself but you just gotta know when to let the pros do it.
  9. I live in Florida and when we got our class A several years ago I called Florida Epass on how to proceed. I did not have their model that permanently mounted but the one with the suction cups to move from my wife's car to my truck when needed. I was told when one of the cars is in tow behind the motorhome to put our ONLY tag in the motorhome. When I look online at my account it lists our car, truck and motorhome on the account. How they know when we are using the MH with car in tow i have no clue. If they are reading my vehicle plate tag that would be a challenge as we usually have a motorcycle in the bed of the truck. It's been this way for 3 years now with no problems. I also have a NY epass that has only seen car duty as of now but will be traveling north this fall. I will call NY epass for guidance.
  10. We had our 31' class A MH detailed and PolyGlo was used. The cost to do it and clean and treat the roof with another product was $450. Kinda worth it as it took 2 men 4+ hours to complete applying more than 4 coats. Getting the coach spotless before the polyglo took most of thier time. Not knowing anything about PolyGlo at that time the finished result was amazing, great shine. Now 3 years later areas in the front and rear have worn off and the remaining is very difficult remove. Not wanting to continue with the $450 every year i wish i had never done it. Areas on the side of the coach you can see it has worn off evenly so a recoat would be possible but the front and back where wind and rain have worn it off very uneven is not re coatable unless you don't mind seeing an abrupt difference in the coat. My suggestion is don't use it unless you are prepared to recoat every year.
  11. We will be traveling later this summer from Fl. to Long Island NY. Using several RV mapping guides like FMCA and my Rand McNally RV gps they want to take me thru Manhattan. Has anyone used exit 13 from the New Jersey tpke to Gothals bridge to Varrrazano bridge to Brooklyn Queens expy to long island exp. I have used this route before by car with a motorcycle trailer in tow so i am somewhat familiar but not with our class A and dingy. Thanks in advance.
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