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  1. I think what Kay may have been referring to is, new paint may provide triple the visual appeal. But it would be interesting to know how much a new paint job does to increase the value of an older coach. Thanks all for your input, especially the idea of bring a camera to the RV shows. Excellent idea. Based on your comments, the fact we don't use our RV too often, and also the amount of money we put into our coach over this past year, we're leaning towards updating our coach, and not buying a new or newer one. We still enjoy our current coach very much. Regular visits to the Freightliner Facility in Gaffney, SC, it helped maintain the chassis portion of the coach. It's in excellent mechanical condition. I'm not opposed to doing some of the internal upgrades myself, such as replacing the furniture, curtains, and such. What concerns me is updating or re-working the the woodwork to replace the old CRT TV's, changing out the manual awnings for motorized versions, and replacing the rug around the two push-outs, may be beyond my capabilities. I'm also concerned about the rubber roof. We've kept it clean and well sealed (no leaks), and it is still white (with only a spot or two of black rubber showing), but it's white surface is a bit chaulky. Do the rubber roof resurfacing products work? Or when the time comes should I just have the rubber roof replaced? And one other issue I need to address soon is the side drivers side window. The non-sliding portion of this window has turned permanently foggy. I suspect the safety plastic that is sandwiched in between the glass panes is causing this issue and when sun hits this window just right it becomes tough to see through. Has anyone run into this issue before? Thanks again
  2. I'm an owner of a 1999 Disovery 37V with about 50,000 miles on it. A few months back I had a Freightliner Service Center to do it's 50,000 service plus replace all necessary worn parts including replacement of the tires, suspension air bags, and hoses, etc, plus I had both AC units replaced. The coach is in excellent shape now but it's physically looking a bit on the aged side. I'm debating whether to buy a new (or newer) coach in the next year or two, or maybe having my 37V re-painted with a modern paint scheme, and having the interior re-done (furniture, flooring, and electronics). I'm curious if anyone has gone through a similar major update to their older coach, and if so, were you pleased with the results, and can you recommend shop(s) to do this work?
  3. Time to get new tires on my Discovery. I've been checking on prices in the NC/SC area. So far the prices are considerably more than the estimates noted on the FMCA Advantage Program page. Can anyone suggest a tire dealership that is more in line with the FMCA Advantage Program prices?
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