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  1. Follow-up on this situation. Spoke with service manager at TransDiesel in Lakeland Florida. He stated that the TCM would not cause the fuse to blow, most likely a wiring/connection issue. Their solution is rather that attempt troubleshooting of exsisting wire, they will run a new power(fused) wire and ground wire from battery to TCM. Since replacing fuses does not usually "FIX" the problem, and for reliabilty, I'm having this done by TransDiesel this week. (while I can drive it there!) Russell Brock / Winter Haven , FL
  2. Thanks for the reply Brett, had already checked those things you mentioned including all the fuses I could find. Read a couple other posts you had made for similar issues and believed there must be other fuses. There are. In the Shore power compartment, there is a panel (bulkhead) that is unmarked facing the rear of the coach (my right) that has six screws, when removed, there are two additional fuse boxes. The lower fuse box contained the fuses for the engine and transmission ECUs. There was a 15amp fuse in the TRANS ECU battery power slot that was blown. Replaced fuse and engine started. Not sure why fuse would blow while sitting in driveway unless lightening/power surge while plugged in could cause this. Again thanks for your reply. Hope this discussion can help others. Russell Brock / Winter Haven
  3. Have 2006 Itasca Meridian 36G, drove fine 5 weeks ago. Went to start engine and engine will not start. Info center displaying "Park Brake set in gear" and "Trans ECU no data 25 sec". Also transmission control pad is not illuminated. Any ideas on probable cause? NOTE: had discussion with fellow RVer, asked if I shut engine OFF while still in gear. Don't think so, but I cannot say for sure.
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