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  1. Power lift was purchased from internet dealer. It came wired with a 7 pin connector. The wiring from the connector to the lift motor is too flexible to be 8-10 gauge wire. I was told I could plug the lift into the existing 7 pin connector for trailer. Manual for the lift shows a 40 amp fuse. GeneDee
  2. I have a new power lift on back of my Thor ACE for my new mobility scooter. The lift plugs into the 7 pin socket. I thought this would be great. Not so... After lifting the scooter the fuse blew on the socket. I have looked at the owners manual from Ford, but can't figure out which fuse is blown or where the fuse is for the power to the lift. Why would the fuse blow in the first place? I would think the fuse and wiring going to the socket by the trailer hitch would be sufficient to handle a power lift. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a full side slide on my 2016 Thor Ace 30.2. It is winterized and sitting in my driveway for the winter. I had to send the slide out for access. The slide ran very slow, it always seems too. When I tried to bring it back in, it came in a few inches and then stopped. I checked the batteries, they have a full charge. Even though, I put them on a charger. I have now been playing this game for 4 days. Nothing in the way, batteries are good. Every time I press "Retract", it only moves a few inches. I keep clearing snow off the topper so I don't have snow problems. I can't drive it to the dealer. What can I do. I can't be crawling under the RV and pulling it in by hand. Swearing at it doesn't work either.
  4. I have just returned from my RV Dealer. He looked at the buckled flooring and said to replace it properly he would have to remove the slide so the flooring can be installed under it. If that is not done, it could cause problems down the line with the slide catching on the linoleum and damaging it again. This would be to the tune of about $3,700. Now I am worried about doing it myself. Gene
  5. Has anyone had the problem of the linoleum flooring in your motorhome buckling over the cold winter months? I have a 2012 Thor Hurricane that this has happened to. It is out of warrenty so Thor won't do anything for me. I have a Corner Stone extended service contract on it but they also won't do anything for me. When I have talked to dealers they say it is a defect in manufacturing. They say the flooring is installed and then the cabinets and appliances are installed. This leaves no room for the linoleum to expand, If this is a continuing problem, I would think it would be covered somehow. At this point, I don't know where to turn. It looks like I am stuck for the replacement of the flooring. ======================================================================
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