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  1. Well, I was hoping to see a Ford Engineer's response as to why the ignition has to be in Auxiliary because it does not have a locked steering wheel. My brakes are air from the Motorhome and the lights are from the motorhome. Push button start or aux button doesn't seem to do anything except power things like the radio and dash items. I do follow the manual because I don't want to deal with a Warranty refusal "because the manual says so". John, 2014 Edge Sport
  2. I have had Pressure Pro since 2007 and now have 12 sensors sytem which interfaces with the SilverLeaf VMS program. John 08 Country Coach Intrigue 10 Ford Escape
  3. My Echo Charger gave up so I replaced it with a Magnum Battery Combiner from a Marine store. I think the echo charger charges the alternate battery at about 15 amps and the Magnum charges a little higher but neither of them charge at the full rate of the primary charger. John 05 Country Coach Inspire
  4. Brett, It appears that your post 27 July Link would not be the best for a Diesel Pusher with air brakes if they are equipped with engine brake or exhaust brake as the brake lights would then activate the toads brakes causing unecessary wear. I highly recommend the M & G system that uses the motorhome air brake system. John 05 CC Inspire 10 Escape
  5. Bazgor, I have a 2010 and have had no problems. Take it to the dealership and have them adjust the transmission fluid level (as per the manual) and have them document that it has been done and keep a copy. John 05 CC Inspire 10 Ford Escape
  6. Ed, Make sure when you check the voltage that they aren't still connected to the charger! Otherwise you are getting the voltage that is currently being charged. They should be disconnected for about 24 hours for an accurate voltage and buy a cheap hydrometer to check specific gravity of each cell. John 05 Inspire
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