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  1. The batteries are not charging with the hot water heater breaker turned off. Yes, as I stated above, I turned down the converter draw to 5 amps The batteries are brand new. I bought them less than a week ago. They have been charging from our solar panels during they day so they shouldn't be dead. Megann
  2. Thanks for the replies. I am confused as to how to solve the problem or if it is even solvable. What I think I hear you saying is that I am not going to be able to charge my batteries on a 15 amp service because the design of the system. Or is it really that my water heater is drawing even though both switches are turned off? Is there a way to tell if the hot water heater is on even though both the gas and electric switches inside of the coach are off? Would there still be some kind of draw even though the switches are off? Thanks, Megann
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, that really is what they said. That is why I wanted to seek another opinion. We live in a pretty rural area and they are the only RV service shop around. I have set the "Power Share" to 5 amps, made sure the hot water heater was off and checked to make sure nothing else was drawing. I got the same results. I used my voltmeter to check an outlet inside of the coach while I was plugged into the 15 amp service and got 120.5. I think I may have something going on with my hot water heater, just to be sure it was off I flipped the 120V breaker for the hot water heater and the clicking stopped. When I flipped the hot water heater breaker back on the clicking started again. Also I noticed something else strange. We have already winterized, but yesterday I went to flush out the hot water heater tank, because I had mistakenly got some antifreeze in there due to a bad bypass valve, and noticed that the fluid that came out was warm even though both switches for the hot water heater are turned off. When I had the hot water heater breaker turned off the clicking stopped, but the Charge light on the Remote panel was not on. I believe this means that the batteries are not getting charged. Is that right? Thanks again for the help. Megann
  4. I am new to owning a class A motorhome. I used to have a truck camper that was way less complicated, but I am eager to learn. :-) What I have: 2002 Itasca 32' Suncruiser with a Xantrex Freedom Inverter with a remote panel. At home I only have a 15 amp plug outside so that is what I use. However, when I do this there is a very loud clicking sound coming from the inverter every 10/15 seconds. I took it in to my local RV service department and asked them to check it out. They plugged it into a 30 amp service and said the clicking wasn't there, but when they plugged it into a 15 amp service it started clicking just like at home. They said they didn't know why this was happening, maybe the inverter couldn't handle not getting 30 amps. This answer didn't leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. So I thought I would ask here. Question: Is this normal or does this indicate a problem? Megann
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