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  1. Very curious question. As a retired couple who are licensed to carry a handgun for our personal protection we have a perplexing issue. Carrying our handgun in the US has not been an issue but we are taking a trip all the way from Texas to Canada this summer. As a precaution I called the Canadian authorities and inquired about declaring my handgun at the border to stay legal. I was informed it was illegal to carry any handgun across the border period. So I am seeking to find how I can leave it somewhere for a couple of weeks in the US and pick it up upon returning. I have made several calls to gun dealers, police depts, etc without any luck. I don't want to leave it at home as we travel all summer and it gives us some comfort to have it with us. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are leaving on June 1st so asap would be helpful.
  2. Just bought a class A with a 200 horse wordforce diesel. Seems to run fine but we are planning a long summer trip and I wonder what pre-trip maintinance I should perform on this used motorhome. It is five years old and has 20k on the engine. Don't have any maint. records and don't want to spend $$ I don't need to. Any recommendations? Thanks....jmcguire
  3. Experienced RV'ers need some keen advice from those with more experience than we do. We are retired and travel quite a bit during the year. We are planning a lengthy trip thru New Mexico, Colo., Yellowstone, and way up to Banff Alberta Canada. Here is where I need your expertise. I love to spend a lot of time planning or trips. We love to stay in state and or national parks.With all the national web sites and various state sites it seems to take too much time than I'm willing to spend and plan for every week for three or four months. Is there any way to plan a route then it will show all the state and national parks we'll be driving thru? Also I do use the recreation.gov site but it still takes a lot of time to make each and every reservation. I like to be flexible however during prime travel months I know how difficult it can be if you don't have a reservation at are tired at 4pm and ready for a glass of wine. Somebody out there please help us...thanks so much. jerry & linda mcguire
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