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  1. We purchased a 2013 Entegra Aspire(new)42 DEQ. Previously owned a 2003 Monaco Camelot(purchased new). We enjoyed our Monaco and it served us well, but we absolutely LOVE our Entegra. Service is OUTSTANDING, the company builds a great coach for the price. A previous comment was made regarding poor construction of the walls. I suggest you view the recently released videos of the construction of the Entegra, I believe they would put to rest any doubt of the quality of construction. IMHO..also suggest reading FMCA Magazine(Nov. 2013) article by Mark Quasius)cover story features 2014 Entegra Aspire. Very objective and well written article. By the way, Mark owns an Allegro Bus.. Do your research,many good coach builders, including those mentioned..you have to be happy with your purchase, WE LOVE OUR ENTEGRA!!
  2. Welcome to the forum, Powerstroker. We purchased a new 2013 Entegra 42 DEQ in Sept. We LOVE OUR ENTEGRA!! Previously, we owned a 03 Monaco Camelot, we ordered, it too was a nice coach. IHMO, you will be hard pressed to find 44B used, as the model was just introduced. There is a used 2014 Entegra Aspire DLQ advertised in Dec. issue of FMCA magazine page103(classified section). In closing, the Entegra is the smoothest & quietest coach I have driven. The CS IS OUTSTANDING!! A two warranty, great coach. Not to say the Tiffin product is not an excellent coach.. Bob Tiffin is super.. Good luck. dd:)
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