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  1. Hello Wolfe10 Thank you for a prompt reply. Regarding the levelers problem. I have a 2004 Fleetwood Discovery, 39J, Allison, Freightliner chassis. I am hard of hearing and wife complained about a shrill whistle. Shorty after that the engine died. It started up again after a tech injected starter fluid into the engine. Ran it at 1500 rpm for several minutes and was advised air in the fuel lines. the levelers light came on, all of them and began to flash. They went off after a short time. With the engine now running I put it in gear, with the engine running and it felt like the brakes were on. Coach will need to be towed to shop in the AM. IF !! The leveler fluid is low...Could I add so that it will move. Can a mobile mechanic bypass the signal from the levelers if they are responsible for locking down the drive unit.
  2. My engine stallled out on me while driving. When the mobile tech turned on the key all the lights on the jacks control started flashing. What might the problem be. could this problem be cause for the engine to stall. Also we got the engine started but would not move forward as if the brakes were on.
  3. I am an 0lde pilot who, as part of the preflight drained the tanks prior to each flight. A round glass cylinder is best. We swirled the container which created a vortex and could easily see any water or dirt particles. I try to get a funnel to catch the fuel as it comes out as the fuel splashes on the frame picking up dirt. I would like to have a tube attached to the drain valve and not have it splashed all over.
  4. I understand that prior to the actual check in there will be dry camping on site. Please, someone confirm. I plan to arrive on Monday, dry camp and check in as early as possible on the 9th. Also...When will we receive our "packets" ?? Thanks.
  5. Archambeault


    You need to take advantage of the service provided by FMCA in "Trip Planning" . Included will be a list of activities along the route you submit.
  6. Take care when "PRESSUE WASHING " The radiator. The fins bend and prevent air flow.
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