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  1. We will be traveling through southeast Canada and over to the New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia this summer and need to figure out how to get Internet and cell service while we travel. We have Verizon service with a hot spot and our iPhones. What will be our best options to have connectivity while we travel as my husband works while we are on the road and we will need to make some arrangements for him to have access. Thanks.
  2. We will be travelling to PEI and Nova Scotia in late June/early July and plan to see all the major sites in each area. What I am trying to determine is whether it would be best to find one central campground and then use our toad to tour or move to a different campground after seeing an area. If someone has experience with either of these locations, I would appreciate any advice you might have based on your past experience. We have a 40 foot Tiffin Phaeton and pull a toad. Also, do we need advance reservations in either area or are we OK to do what we normally do and call a day or two ahead as we are traveling and know our timing?
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