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  1. Maybe the roof had been cleaned before it was resealed. Some cleaning products can make a rubber roof brake down and turn sticky. A long time ago I learned that lesson. Ever since, its Murphy's soap only.
  2. I would like to do the rally in August but I'm in Florida and don't want to go any where near Washington, Baltimore, New Jersey or N.Y city. So if I pick up 29 in Virginia and catch 81 to Schenectady, N.Y., I am thinking it would be an easy drive from there to Springfield. Anyone have thoughts on it? Is 81 a decent road?
  3. Servicing a basement air is basically like servicing any central air unit. Check all electrical connections. make sure they are clean and tight. Look at the capacitors and check for bulging and rust. Replace if either are found. Look at the points on the compressor contactor to see if they are pitted or burnt. Replace if needed If the drains are accessible clean them and check both coils. clean if needed. Confirm that the fan blades are clean and tight on the shaft. A old tooth brush cleans the squirrel cage just fine. Oil the fan motor if it has oil ports and check to see that none of the copper lines are touching where they can vibrate and be damaged. Anything more would require a set of refrigeration gauges, a good understanding of a pressure/temperature chart and an amp / volt meter. Good luck Chuck
  4. While an all electric coach is fine for many it wouldn't work well for us. I love to grill out and have a hose from my LP tank to my grill. Stays hooked up as soon as we arrive until we leave. I need that big LP tank. Since we live in Florida and are warm weather travelers, our 10 gal. water heater works fine on electric, or LP if we only have 30 amps available. Duel heat pumps is almost all the heat we ever use and we seldom cook inside but when we do, gas is very fast and a great way to cook. I like my LP
  5. My rear ladder is 2 piece and I can't travel with the bottom half on so hanging anything on it won't work for me. I did buy the same ladder that Herman has and I have to say, it works great. Very sturdy and folds to a 7 foot long x 4" square. Easily reaches any height on the coach and stores easily taking up hardly any room.
  6. I had a V-10 and crossed the country several times with it. Never had any issues with mountains or hills. I think when most people talk about them not having power they are thinking about chassis built 10 years ago. The new V-10 's don't really need 5 star tuning or Banks to do a good job and unless you are 27 years old, you probably won't wear one out in your life time.
  7. My ISB / 2500 combination is factory rated at 340 HP / 700 ft lbs torque.
  8. Most residential fridges have rotary compressors so traveling down rough roads will little or no affect on them, pretty much the same as your roof air. While driving most batteries are charged from the alternator so when traveling the batteries will not drain down. Leaving a refrigerator turned off for long periods of time will have no ill effects. The refrigeration unit is sealed the same as your roof air and the cabin air for your coach.
  9. Its amazing what great mileage everyone here gets. My sons Adventurer never got more than 6.5 MPG and I have a 2009 Pace Arrow that only averages 6. I could squeeze out 6.5 if I kept it around 60 MPH.
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