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  1. We always travel with our motorcycles. At first we had a 16' enclosed trailer and took two street bikes and two dirt bikes with us. That was cumbersome due to the length and some site restrictions, and of course, not having a four-wheeled vehicle at times when needed. We found we really didn't need that combination. We switched to a Hydra-Lift on the back of the coach (needs a tag axle), switched to two nominally dual-sport bikes, modified the 1300lb rated trike-lift (Hydra-lift did it for us) to hold the two bikes each weighing in at a little over 400lb wet. Then there is a short extension to the lift to which we attach our Jeep Wrangler 4-door. Works really well, and we have done that for two seasons now.
  2. We purchased a coach about 2 years ago now that had a Hydralift trike set up on it. Don't have a trike but we haul two mid size bikes. Hydra lift customized a platform for us to put the two bikes on. Works great. With both of us riding for over 40 years we couldn't imagine not traveling without motorcycles. The lift has a 1300 lb. capacity and both bikes together weigh under 900 lbs. We both have had big bikes and love the weight of midsize motorcycles. Lots of roads in the US to yet explore. We also pull our Jeep JKU for the wet, cold times.
  3. After waiting on voyager for several weeks with almost no reply went with Essex and all was complete within a week. Excellent service from Essex Credit.
  4. With CC you do have to purchase your phone, but when we figure the cost over a year it is way less than anyone else. We use an I phone and it has a hot spot in the phone itself. CC uses ATT and like I mentioned before it has worked for us from coast to coast and is used daily. Couldn't be happier, especially with the monthly bill. It may not be for everyone but it sure works for us and saves a bunch.
  5. The great thing about them is that if you see you are using a bunch of data you go online and change the plan for that month to get the best rate. If you use less change it back next month. Easy to monitor use and they send you a text if you are getting close to going over your usage plan. I did not lose any thing when I transferred over. Bought a phone on Amazon and did the set up and belief me I am far from a tech person. We use the hot spot almost every day for secure data and use campground wifi when it works.
  6. We have been using Consumer Celluar for about a year now, completely happy. Having traveled from CO to the west coast, TX, FL and now in Georgia we can say that it works. It is great to be able to adjust you plan anytime you need to in order to save a few bucks. the hot spot works great. We will see when we get back home in April what our savings was over Verizon, but I suspect it will be huge. Instead of the 150.00 or more per month for two lines it is normally around 50 or less with Consumer. As we work from the RV a lot we need secure internet, the best I can say is give it a try, if you don't like it, no contract, quit anytime.
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