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  1. FYI --- I removed the fitting from the panel, and it is attached to a hose that leads to the black water tank. I did not take the fitting apart, as we are camping for the next week, and did not want to create any problems. I will check into it further when we return. I have a rinse wand, but kind of a pain to run a hose thru a window every time I want to flush the tank. Ken
  2. Thanks Herman, she is a great kid. Also thanks for the FYI, that could be a disaster!!
  3. Thanks Bill, There are screws through the flange on my RV, as pictured on the one you suggested. Hopefully when I get the screws out, and the assembly removed, that will be the "flush unit", and it can just be replaced. I will let you know how it works out. It will be a couple of days, as we are helping prepare for a granddaughters high school graduation this weekend. Ken
  4. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. ribarkleyii --- I was wondering about damage that might result from using Drano. I have used TSP before, but did not think of it for this application, thanks for that idea. nitehawk & campcop: I was wondering if removing the screws at the hose attachment point would allow me to remove the check valve or"flusher". I may try that first. I attach and remove the backflow preventer with the rinse hose, so that is not the problem, but thanks for the suggestion. Ken
  5. I have purchased a used 2005 Coachmen Santara 3480DS and the black water tank flush valve is clogged. I am not sure where that check vaIve is located, maybe right where I attach the hose or on the side of the black water tank?? I have tried turning the hose on & off while using a vacuum breaker on the hose to give it a kind of "pulse" effect. If I leave the water pressure on, I get a trickle of water through the sewer hose, but that trickle does not increase as time passes. I thought about putting some water in the black tank with a high concentration of Rid-X or maybe even Drano, and letting it "cook" overnight. Since I am not sure where that valve is located, I do not know how much water would be needed in the tank. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Regards, Ken
  6. I have an Onan Marquis Gold 7000 generator, model 7HGJAB-900c spec C, in my 2005 Coachmen Santara. I have the owners manual, but can anyone tell me where I would find a service manual/parts listing on-line, or even a hard copy to order? Regards, Ken
  7. Thanks Rich. I will check out your info. I live in Michigan, and the coach was purchased from a private party in January. I did not get to visit with the owner, as he had passed away, and his son-in-law handled the sale. He showed us the coach and demonstrated slide-outs, furnace, etc. I topped off the fuel and propane tanks before driving the 50 miles to our house. Being in Michigan, and the coach is outside, I have not been able to get underneath yet. I have explored all doors and compartments that open, and located the generator and the"dump" valves, and the coach is connected to shore power. Everything seems to be in good condition and I am now trying to explore things that are not so easily accessible. Ken
  8. I have recently purchased a 2005 Coachmen Santara 3480DS. The manual came with it, but is not particular to one model. I have learned a lot about it by just reading the manual & searching the motorhome itself. I have contacted Coachmen about a diagram but none is available. I am wondering where my fresh, gray, and black water tanks are, and how I would access them if I needed to. Also, I have not found the DC converter, and AC circuit breakers. The control panel for the slide-outs, tank read-outs, generator start, and the DC fuses is easily accessible. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, this is our first RV of any kind! Regards, Ken
  9. Thanks to those who replied to my question. Since posting the question, I emailed Actia and was told my unit is out of warranty but they would be happy to sell me one for $900, yes $900!! I will continue to investigate, using the info you have posted. Thanks again. Ken
  10. Has anyone got information about buying a new LCD odometer/gearshift display on a Workhorse chassis? Mine is on a 2005 Coachmen Santara 3480DS and is faded so bad it is about illegible. Thanks, Ken
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