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  1. JMarske

    Dash Air

    It's an 08 Fleetwood Discovery on a freighteliner chassis
  2. JMarske

    Dash Air

    Our dash air only blowes not air. The AC light won't come on at all. We've look for a fuse and can't find one. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Erinee, The installer stated he had to install rollers because Fleetwood designed the slide out to slide on carpet and he had to install rollers so it wouldn't tear up the floor. That's why I wanted to know if this was normal.
  4. We had new Allure vinyl hardwood installed in our 2008 Discovery Fleetwood . The installer had to install rollers so the floor would not get damaged but in doing so this is what we ended up with. My question is this normal for the slide out floor not to drop back down into the channel and sit flush?
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