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  1. 1) Ray 2) USMC 3) 6 years active, Captain An Hoa Valley, intelligence 4) parris island, 29 stumps and naval hospitals 5) 80% Disabled vet Son was in Delta force from the beginning of Iraq and stayed there for 5 years, I thank god every day he came home in one piece
  2. I didnt either till I complained about the distant networks lol
  3. we have dish in our stick & bricks and in our MH, only have one account, in fact they sent us a new hd box for the motorhome for free, try asking for thge rv dept when u call. gl and safe trips
  4. Hi,all. We just bought a 2000 Georgetown 325s and love it. We'll go full-time as soon as the VA stops poking me, lol so far we really love it, I cant travel much in a car for too long because of injurious, so this MH is great. Now I can see the country I love so much. Our two kids are our cats and my wife is the greatest thing in the world to me. SEMPER FI!
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