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  1. I always follow the KISS philosophy: Keep It Simple Stupid. I had a slide in an earlier motorhome, and it leaked both water and air, and believe me, I take care of my motorhome. The water leak was sporadic, depending on whether the rain was driving or not. Leaking air was only noticeable in cold weather. We now have a Nexus Phantom 28P (30 ft.)--no slides, no jacks, no problems--plenty of room for two + dog or dining for four. Oh, and I am also a minimumalist. I've seen what my friends jam into every nook and cranny. I'd rather carry a spare tire than 6 chairs, a cornhole board, enough extension cords to wire Amazon, etc. Another "oh": We use the campground facilities except to pee--makes tank-cleaning much more pleasant.
  2. I have had 2 RVs with fiberglass roofs. After a year of weathering, I clean the roof with plain detergent and rinse well. Then I apply Behr white roof coating. It protects the fiberglass and gives a less-slippery surface. Recoat after 2 years, then recoat as need be.
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