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  1. This topic could create enough responses to fill a book. The manufacturers say they make what the dealers sell. The dealers say they sell what the manufacturers send. The manufacturers say they must produce a motorhome with 2 bathrooms, 4 slides, 4-5 TVs and more bling. And yet, in a recent column in the February issue of Motorhome magazine, readers said overwhelmingly they prefer quality over fancier amenities. We love our Monaco Safari Trek. It is a premium short coach with real hardwood cabinets throughout and all the features and equipment of a large motorhome. And because we maximize space and don't have a bedroom, we can seat 6 plus the 4 chairs of the dinette area. The huge bathroom means a lot to us. We like to camp in state parks and USFS campgrounds, so our Trek is perfect. Maximum space in a small package with all the amenities. Most of the new motorhomes under 36 ft. are made cheap and they look it. Not everyone wants a 45 ft. coach, but there is a while market for those who want quality in a shorter coach. If we could only get the manufacturers to listen to the customers.
  2. You might consider a Monaco Safari Trek. Trek gets the maximum useable space from a short coach because it has no bedroom. The bed is in the ceiling and comes down for use at night. It is a full-size queen bed. Since we are not towing nine feet of bedroom, we get the living space of a 38 ft. coach in a 29 ft. coach. If you can live with the bed, you will love a Trek. Trek is a high-end coach with all the amenities of a big Monaco: real wood cabinets, inverter, generator, solar panels, etc. Early Safari Treks (1991 - 94) were Isuzu diesels, GM 7.4L gas and some 6.5 diesels. 2003 - 2008 were GM 8.1L gas with a few Fords. We love our Trek for its roominess and the ability to dry camp and get into state parks, USFS and COE parks. If you like the Trek concept you may have to travel to get one - they don't stay on the market long. We bought ours in Iowa and drove it back to Oregon. Happy hunting.
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