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  1. Been to River Ranch and of course Ft Wilderness each about 20+ times. Destin at Camp on the Gulf a few. River Ranch is our kids favorite. Every Saturday night there is a rodeo, as well as skeet shooting, air boat rides, fishing, tennis, game room, BBQ, occasional hay rides, horseback rides, petting zoo and other things.

  2. We stayed there a few years back. Nice place, landscaping incredible. Several spots are individually owned as I recall. A very quiet park if that is your interest. Great location. The on site manager was great and even came down for dinner with us one night. Our only issue is that we like to socialize a little. Not crazy, just hang out in the later evening with friends. We were on a birthday trip and the manager told us we had to be quiet on one occasion. Ironically we were not loud at all. no music, just laughing and conversation. That was my only draw back. Can be "stuffy". So if you are looking for a great location, beautiful park on the water, a bit pricey but very nice and you plan on very quiet evenings as a get away. The this place is perfect!

  3. Great feedback, Thanks!! We did a similar trip 2 years ago when we went to Bar Harbor Maine. It wasn't bad but it was only 3 1/2 weeks. I am trying to see as much as I can. The trip now went from 30 days to about 40 days. We really want some time in the West so we are not doing much on way there. Now the first 2/3rd of the trip is as follows:

    1. June 26th-Florida to Cartersville, GA (Overnight stay only)

    2. June 27th-Cartersville to Casino Queens (Overnight only) We may change to another campground. Will see the arch at later date being its not far.

    3. June 28th-Casion Queens St Louis to Lincoln NE (Overnight)

    4. June 29th-Lincoln Nebraska to Great River Platt Highway Museum (only 2.5 hour drive) Stop for few hours, tour. The continue 1.3 hours to Holiday RV Park Nebraska

    5.June 30th- to Mt Rushmore KOA. We should arrive by 1 pm. Set up site and relax few hours. The head to Mt Rushmore late afternoon to see it in daylight and night show. Spend next day touring area.

    6.July 2--5- to Cody. Spending two full days. I spoke to representative here. Gun fights downtown every night (kids will love) Rodeo every night with July 4th being awesome. Tour museum etc. Spending two days there after arrival.

    7. July 5-10-to Glacier National Park. Spoke to rep there also. Doing 1/2 day horseback ride, some hiking, driving the Road tot the Sun, and more scenic things. Spending 4 full days there after we arrive.

    8. July 10-15 to Grizzly RV Park. Could not get in at Fishing Bridge. Spending 4 full days here, but this may change as we could not get into the Tetons until the 17th so I have 2 days to place somewhere. Ideas? Want to drive Beartooth also so I need to add this somewhere. May add day to Cody and back them all up one day. Not sure but I have 2 more days at this general time.

    9. July 17-21. to Colter RV Park at Tetons. Doing a Whitewater rafting trip, Breakfast Boat cruise to Elk Island and some hiking. Spending 3 full days here.

    10. July 21-22 to Fillmore KOA (Overnight)

    11. July 22-25. to Grand Canyon South Rim. I know it is only 2 full days (This may change) but a lot of people have told me more time in Glacier / Yellowstone and less in GC. So we booked a mule ride and will do some hiking.

    12. July 25-28 to Mesa Verde KOA-Tour ruins and light hiking. On the way stopping at 4 corners. Spoke to rep here also. Said we can see most things in one day. We may add another. Not set in stone (pun)

    13. July 28-?? Arches National Park. Maybe one full day, maybe 2.

    14. ?? Maybe Cog Train over Pikes Peak

    Should I stop at Bryce?? Zion??

    That's what I have now. Again I have a few extra days around Yellowstone I may be adding so if you have ideas there Id appreciate it. Per Bill's comments above: I was looking at the Cog over Pike's Peak. Is it worth the stop or will we feel like we have seen a lot of the same views by then? The website looked pretty amazing so it was being considered. Thanks!! I really don't think stamina will be an issue. Driving 6-7 hours is no issue for me. Above 7 sometimes I get a little bored but according my GPS I am at 6 hours or less once I get passed the first 3 days leaving home. I have young, and may I say ENERGETIC kids!! My wife and I are also very Type A and athletic so I feel we will LOVE this trip. I would love to split the stops up more but I don't think I can be away from my business more than 40 days max. If any of you are traveling in a similar area let me know!! Email is ptjeff04@hotmail.com. Thanks again. Getting close!!

  4. OK, here is my latest itinerary for your feedback please. Keep in mind I have a 9 and 11 year old at time of travel so some hiking but not aggressive. trying to see as much as possibly with time allotted. My itinerary will pick up at Mt Rushmore:

    1. July 5th Arrive to Mt Rushmore anticipated by 1:00 pm as we have a 5 hour drive that day from our last point. See Mt Rushmore in later afternoon and evening. Spend the next day looking at other nearby areas.

    2. July 7th Drive to Cody, Wyoming and thinking about the KOA there. Is that good? Probably arrive later afternoon 4 ish. Go out to dinner maybe catch Rodeo, stay the next day (8th) to tour the town. Leave on the 9th.

    3. July 9th arrive Glacier National Park at KOA East side (Heard East is better) Stay full days on 10, 11,12 and leave on 13th.

    4. July 13th Arrive Grizzly RV Park. (All camps east side are booked) Stau full days of July 14, 15, 16, 17. Leave on 18th.

    5. July 18th arrive Colter Bay RV Resort in Grand Teton National Park. Stay full day of 19th(doing white water raft trip) and 20th (River breakfast crusie then afternoon sight seeing) Leave on 21st

    6. July 21st-overnight stay Fillmore KOA

    7. July 22 Arrive Grand Canyon Trailer Village in South Rim. Stay full days of 23, 24, 25, and leave the 26th. Booked a mule ride on rim.

    8. July 26th Arrive Mesa Verde KOA. Stay 27 and 28th full days. Tour and leave the 29th

    9. July 29th-HEad to Arches. Working on this part towards home...................

    Questions: Do I need less time at Mesa Verde or is 2 days good? Any other thoughts? Getting to Mt Rushmore and then from Arches home is pretty simple as far as what I will do but the meat of the trip is above and am looking for some more feedback. THANKS!!

  5. Ok, so I am getting this trip finalized out West and the help has been awesome.

    New post: I will be staying just a few days in Glacier.

    Any suggestions for best views East versus West and any recommendations for campgrounds. I saw there are a few in the vicinity and would like to take advantage of location.

    We will be arriving from Cody WY via Florida and leaving Glacier and heading South to Grizzly in West Yellowstone.

    Thanks in advance

  6. I will be traveling with family from Cody Wyoming to Glacier National Park to Yellowstone as part of a trip out West.

    I was planning on stopping at Grizzly Bear RV Park in West Yellowstone for several days. I have read nice reviews. My question is should I plan on staying there the available time I will have or move to Fishing Bridge or another campground after a few days?

    It will be around July and we will have a tow vehicle and 2 children 11 and 9.

    Once done, I will be heading to the Grand Canyon south. I will probably have only 5-8 days here as we are seeing a lot on this trip.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  7. I stayed there 3 years in a row during July 4th week. Twice we were on the beach and once more inland. It is a busy time. Get to the beach early and claim your spot if you plan on staying on the beach. They allow canopy's / tops etc but you have to take them down each day. Everyone was very friendly when we were there. One time they brought an alligator in for an exhibit that I took my children to. Its a good place but like the response above, it is hot.

  8. PLEASE GIVE HONEST FEEDBACK. I have a few extra days to spare but I am not sure how long we should be at each stop. This is what I have:

    Day 1. Florida-Cartersville KOA in Georgia. Just an overnight stay.

    Day 2. Georgia to Casino Queens RV Park. Arrive Day 2. Stay Day 3 to see Arch. Leave day 4.

    Day 4. Casino Queens to Great Platt River Road. Overnight stay (Kearney RV Park) and see attraction. Leave Day 5. (Do I need a full day?)

    Day 5. Arrive Mt Rushmore KOA. Stay Day 6 and view attractions. Leave Day 7.

    Day 7. Arrive Devil's Tower KOA. Stay Day 8 see Devil's Tower. Leave Day 9.

    Day 9. Arrive Fishing Bridge RV Park in Yellowstone. Stop for a couple hours in Cody but thought we may not stay. Should we?? If not, arrive here Day 9, stay 10,11,12,13 and leave Day 14.

    Day 14. Leave Yellowstone & stop at Grand Tetons for several hours. DO we need to stay a full day here? If not continue later to Brigham Perry South KOA for overnight stay. Leave day 15

    Day 15. Arrive Kanab RV Corral. Arrive Day 15, stay full days of 16 and 17 and leave Day 18. Is that enough? Should we see South rim? Thoughts? Donkeys? Leave Day 18.

    Day 18. Arrive Painted Dessert at 10:30 (When Park Opens) Closes at 5:00. Tour until 4:00 & head out. Arrive Petrified Forrest KOA. Arrive Day 18, stay day 19 see Forrest. Leave Day 20

    Day 20. Leave and stop at 4 Corners for Photos. Continue to Mesa Verde KOA. Arrive Day 20, stay Day 21 for Mesa Verde Ruins attraction. Leave Day 22.

    Day 22. Arrive Moab KOA. Stay over day 23 to see Arches National Park. Leave next day on Day 24.

    That's all I have now. Planning on Royal Gorge Bridge, Pikes Peak Cog, Moraine Park. Please let me know if you thing I need more time at any of the stops. Our activities will be limited to a 11 and 9 year old but some hiking is fine. Thanks!!

  9. Couple of added questions:

    1. Would you recommend stopping to see Grand Tetons or would you stay overnight?

    2. I added Devils Tower for an overnight plus one day. Is that KOA a good stop? Cody is only a few hours from there. Should I just stop in for few hours to see Cody or spend a day there?

    3. In the Grand Canyon, should I stay in the North Rim area? I am getting mixed reviews online but sounds more impressive, cooler and less crowded. We are considering Kaibab Camper Village since it is closest. Do you know it? or is Kanab better?

    jr, the Cowboy hall of fame sounds cool also. Thanks!

  10. Thanks again and please keep the ideas coming. My children will be 9 and 11 at time of travel.

    We did a trip to Maine and as long as we find different types of stops they travel great. So far a cliff notes version of the trip: Florida to The Gateway Arch with a stay outside of Atlanta one night. From The Arch to the Great Platte River Road as recommended above, thanks! From there to Mt Rushmore, then to Yellowstone via a couple days in Cody again per above. From Yellowstone we are still looking at Tetons and then probably Grand Canyon. From there I am working on it but places like Royal Gorge Bridge, painted dessert, petrified forest, four corners, Mesa Verde ruins, Durango are all in the planes.

    Any other feedback is welcomed. We are looking at doing a sort of northern loop out and a southern loop back. I have been told Texas can be long and not too exciting.

  11. Thanks for both suggestions and advice. We are going to have about 6 weeks hopefully. I did map a trip a few months ago that had us going through Atlanta, Dollywood, the gateway arch, Mt Rushmore, Cody (We love Rodeos and head about Cody) then Yellowstone. Finally south to the Grand Canyon and was looking at the Tetons, Royal Gorge Bridge, The Silverton Train in CO but needed more ideas and feedback. Thanks so much. I will keep checking for advice. We have a 37 foot Class A and will be towing. I have also heard that fuel is limited heading west. IS this true?

  12. If you are spending any length of time in Disney, you must stay in Ft Wilderness. Couple of tips. In Ft Wilderness they have a ferry that leaves every 5-10 minutes and takes you on a 10 minute ride to the gates of Magic Kingdom. There you can take the tram if you need to. All free! If not, there are two bus stations in Ft Wilderness that will take you to virtually any of the parks. If you have kids, there are several playgrounds throughout, a pool if its summer, canoes, etc. You can rent a golf cart but I would reserve in advance to get around. Finally, it is a bit pricey and they book fast. If you need to only stay a few days and thy are booked, try calling and booking for 2-3 weeks. Once reserved, you can call back the next day and tell them your plans have changed and you only need the days you actually want to stay. It works!! We have stayed there at least 15 times in the last 4 years. But then again, we only live 2 hours away.

  13. We are part time RVers as I am still working at the age of 46. However, like you we had the same dilemma three years ago. We were advised all 4 wheels down so we purchased the Blue Ox towing system and bought a newer but used Jeep Wrangler. Unlike the response above, the Jeep does not have a great deal of storage space, but was an easy way to tow a lighter vehicle. I could not even notice the vehicle behind me and hooking and unhooking was literally less than 5 minutes. Since it was a 5 speed, it did not require any additional pumps for the transmission that may be required for some vehicles towed in this manner.

    Obviously Wolf10 has the perfect answers. This was simply my experience to date.

    Good luck

  14. My wife and I have been RV'ing for about 7 years. I am not retired (46) and we have 2 children 11 and 9. We want to take an RV trip this summer from Florida to Grand Canyon via stops at Gateway arch (if recommended), Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, to Grand Canyon and any other stops recommended. I have a rough route drawn out but am looking for ideas of places to see or stop in. Keep in mind I have children so I am trying to keep them interested as well. They love to travel so should be a blast. Thanks in advance for nay ideas, tips, etc.

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