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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. I decided against the dolly and even against towing anything at all for the time being. I looked at the few trips I will be taking this year and next, and for all of them it will be cheaper to rent a car where I am going (plus might save some mileage in the coach) than it would cost to buy a dolly or equip any of my vehicles with a tow bar & brakes & lights etc. to be able to flat-tow. Once I do more traveling I might reconsider.
  2. Thanks Jocelynn and Oscar. I am from Minnesota, so we will be heading either to or from CO by way of the Badlands & Black Hills (and probably through Omaha the other way). Planning a separate trip to spend some more time in South Dakota later in the summer.
  3. Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I managed to contact St Vrain State Park and verified they are re-opening in May so I made a reservation for my June 21-28 visit. I am looking forward to it, this looks like a beautiful area.
  4. Is there a web site or information source with a list of the laws and rules in various states for towing a dinghy or dolly vehicle? I live in Minnesota and am very new to the coach world, I have a 36' coach and a 1999 Taurus that from what I have read cannot be flat-towed (even though Blue Ox does make a base plate for it, for some reason?) and thus it must be on a dolly so I am looking to purchase one. In Minnesota auxiliary/trailer brakes are not required for a 3300 lb vehicle on a dolly, but I am wondering about other states? Also most of the dollys I have looked at have their own trailer lights - does this mean the car's brake & signal lights do not need to be wired to the coach when towed on a dolly like they do when being dinghy towed? Also I have read rules about most or all states requiring "breakaway brakes" but my searches for tow bars & dollys haven't come across any mention of kits or how to install breakaway brakes on a dinghy or dolly vehicle. If anyone knows of an information source other than scouring each individual state's statute web sites, any information or advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. I am planning a visit to the Boulder CO area this summer (late June). Researching campgrounds & RV parks on the web and even those referred to by Good Sam and State/National Park web sites I am finding many are closed indefinitely due to flooding and other disasters related to last year's weather. I guess much the area is still in bad shape. If anyone on the forum frequents the Boulder area and can offer advice on any RV Parks etc. in the area that are currently operating I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks, Mark M
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