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  1. I was president of our HOA a couple of times and became more than a little familiar with the CCRs. We never fined anyone without at least one hearing and that hearing was after two or three warning letters and then at the hearing usually gave a warning making sure the offending resident was aware of the restriction and placing a lien was almost unheard of because it costs the HOA $ in attorney fees. The whole process is a lot less vehement than people think. It was only if the warning letters were ignored that action of any kind was taken. Remember that the HOA Board is made up of residents just like yourself and the primary purpose of an HOA is to protect the values of your property not to be Nazis.

  2. After serious consideration the name we settled on was "Phaeth" because it is with Faith that we are stepping out into this new life style. As soon as the house sells, we will be cast off, free to go wherever the good Lord needs us to go. We hope to volunteer and do good wherever we go.

  3. DW and I just returned from The Perry, Georgia, FMCA Family Reunion Rally. Despite the rain deluge and unbelievable amounts of mud, we really had a very good time. We also got to dry camp in winter and spring all in the same week! Met up with old friends and met new ones.

    I was particularly impressed with the level of expertise and efficiency from the service techs brought to the rally by the motor home manufacturers, dealers and other vendors.

    We got to meet FMCA National Chaplins Father Al and Father John. I believed that they personalized the kindness and hospitality of the FMCA organization. A terrific experience.

    I sure wish the tram routes had been color coded and put on the map. It was very confusing for the first two days trying to find so many different buildings and try to find points on the compass with no sun shine. A more detailed map would have been more effective. Remember, we are a group of people who know how to read maps.

    Anybody have any other comments?

    Bob and Joan Alexander
    2010 Tiffin Phaeton 36QSH

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