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  1. The manufacturer, Demco, has re-engineered their product as a result of my case, and has sent me reinforcing plates at no charge. They are also reimbursing the cost of the additional installation. For me, a satisfactory result which should prevent further problems.
  2. On my Saturn I use a Roadmaster Brakemaster. An air cylinder working with the coach air brakes. It has a disconnect braking system, unfortunately, the actuator is attached to the front facia bumper that would have stayed on the coach had my Saturn become disconnected because of the frame failure. It would not have been activated.
  3. I have been towing my 08 Saturn Vue for 3 years. It has a Demco Base plate. On our Sept 2012 trip, somewhere between Pensecola FL and Beaumont TX, the whole driver side front frame extension to which my base plate is bolted to, broke free from the main frame and pulled the font facia and base plate 8 inches out. The Saturn was only held behind by the passenger side frame. Upon inspection, the factory spot welds holding the frame extension had failed and had the right side failed, the Saturn would have been free to go where it would. I had emergency repairs made in TX, but it is still unsafe. Demco is sending an after market engineered fix (which should arrive next week). I also checked other base plates and Bjue OX connects to the main frame, not the frame extension. But not sure of Roadmaster. In any event, any of you that have this setup should be vigilant.
  4. Montie-We drove the Blue Ridge summer of 2009 with a 40 Winnebago and toad. Most of the route was white nuckle from Asheville to where we got off in Linvill NC. Narrow and big problem was trees over road. Not trimmed. We are 12'4" and for many miles drove center of road and still kept hitting limbs on our roof. At the high points, we had some overcast and found ourselves literally in a cloud with visibility less than 25 feet. Not recommended for a large coach and toad. Better to go by car alone.
  5. Had a similar problem on our new 2008 Winnebago with a Freightliner chassis. Air would leak down in about 8 to 10 hours. My wife heard air under dash one day. Upon checking, I found that one of the two air gauges had a crack in the plastic housing that held the "Chinese handcuff" type brass fitting. Had to replace the entire gauge. After repair, air now will hold indefinitely when stored.
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