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  1. Sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I'm not sure exactly sure where the rust is coming from but I have had to clean out lots of rust which has fallen down from above inside the burner area. I have cleaned it our at least 3 times and thought this was the problem now but it still would not work properly after cleaning it this time. Robert
  2. Hi Bill, It was shut off before the trip. I have not used the frig on propane this year. I've only taken one trip over 6 days. My coach is now 13 years old with a little over 100,000 miles. After all of the responses here, I am almost ready to go for a regular electric refrigerator. Thanks for your inpute., Robert (Bob) Vannoy
  3. I'm not sure where the rust is located as the repairman looked at it and said at it's age and being the history of this unit, that it would be best to not use the propane. Also I forgot to tell every that has responded to my question, I very much appreciate you all getting back to me so quickly. I am considering new home style refrigerator. I just hate to spend the money if I can get this one to work on AC (both Gen. and Shore power). Robert (Bob)
  4. Yes, I have had the same recalls and had it worked on as well.
  5. No I said that I cannot use the Propane any more. I has too much rust and my repairman said that it is a hazard to continue using. So I have turned off the propane fuel line. Robert
  6. I have a 2004 Country Coach, Inspire which I purchased new at the Buffalo International Rally in 2003. I now have 103,000 mile on it. I am having a problem with my 4 door Norcold Refrigerator. My service man has advised me to not continue using the propane side and only use the AC side. He said that it is a fire hazard if I continue to use the frig on Propane. So I have shut it off completely. The frig works perfectly on Shore AC power. It also works well on the Generator AC but only while parked. We recently took a trip to Ohio and back home. We live in St. Augustine, Florida. I left the frig run for a couple of days before we left on shore AC and it worked fine. Then before we left home after disconnecting the shore power, I turned on the generator and turned on the frig to AC. We left home around 10AM. By the time we got to the first rest stop, the temperature in the frig had gone from 37 degrees up to 49 degrees and by the time be got to the campground at around 4PM it had gone up to 62 degrees. After getting setup at the campground and hooked up to shore power, the frig worked fine by the next morning it was back down to 37 degrees. The same thing happened the next day on the way to Ohio. It continued to work this all the way back home. After getting home I ran a test of running the generator with the frig on AC without shore power hooked up. The frig ran just fine. So it seems that the frig will not cool properly while the coach is traveling. Has anyone had or heard of this or a similar problem? I don't want to have to spend $4,500 for a replacement refrigerator. Robert Vannoy (FMCA Membership # F278341)
  7. I have gotten the problem fixed temporarily until I get back home. After finding the correct wire in my schematics I was able to get it working by-passing the Pressure valve. I would like to thank the gentlemen that responded to my post. We spent 3 nights in the coach without the slides out and you can imagine what that was like. This is a great forum. Robert Vannoy
  8. I have 2004 Country Coach - Inspire with Power Gear levelers. I was moving our coach from one campground to another yesterday and when we got there my leveler would not work. First of all when I pushed the button to let the air out of the airbags, It wouldn't do anything. Then I realized that my slides wouldn't go out. Then I came back and learned that there was a light blinking at the bottom left hand corner which said to "Engage the parking brake" and the parking brake was engaged. I have checked all of the fuses that I can find having anything to do with the leveler. Can anyone tell me what I should do to get it working again? Robert
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