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  1. Congratulations!!! Jaime
  2. I made my reservations way before New Years. Most are reasonable. I guess I made them before they went up in price.
  3. My number is ok. But my current motorhome does not have a ladder. I went to a print shop and had them make a decal. Jaime
  4. Carl, Canada is not sounding good right now. We were hoping to go to Niagara Falls the Canadian side in September. From what I am hearing Canada is really locked up right now with the virus. A few day ago at Niagara Falls the Canadians were flashing SOS for the US to come and help them get unlocked. Jaime
  5. We registered for Gillette yesterday. Herman we will come to your get together. Jaime
  6. In North Carolina in the 1986-87 school year, there were 14,350 school bus drivers, of whom 5,000 were 16 and 17 years old. The law was later changed to 18 being the minimum age. The larger buses are about the same size as a motorhome. Jaime
  7. I watch both of them on youtube I think this would be a good idea. Jaime
  8. I have the TSD card and saved quite a bit using it at Love's. Works great. I happen to have a second checking account that I did not really use so I used this one for the card. I just transfer funds as needed to pay for the fuel. You can also get a $200 cash when using the card per day. It is actually a debit card. When at the pumps it will ask you if you want a cash advance. Jaime
  9. In Texas get either eztag or TxTag. They are also good in Oklahoma and Kansas. eztagstore.com
  10. I sent mine in for repairs. It is less than a year old. In addition to these problems the return button on the top right of the screen would not work. Jaime
  11. Your numbers are correct. I read Roger's article on setting the motorhome tire inflation and it makes sense. Thanks for the information.
  12. Instead of pulling the fuse you can have a toggle switch installed. That is what I had on my Equinox when I owned it.
  13. I want to make sure I am understanding how to calculate your tire pressure based on you axle weight. I went to the Love's Cat scale today and weight my 2018 Pace Arrow 36U. The front axle was 9,220 and the rear axle was 17,160 pounds. On the motor home placard it says to put 120 pounds in each tire. Below is the chart from Michelin for the tires I have on my motor home. So do I divide the front axle weight by 2 to get the pressure for the two wheels on the front. In this case it would be 4,610 pounds. On the chart below it would be at 95 pounds. The rear axle weight is 17,160 so divided by two would be 8,580 per end. So it would be around 95 pounds for each of the 4 rear tires. Is this correct. My gvwr is 29,500 and the gvcr is 33,000 pounds. My front axle rating is 10,500 pounds and the rear axle rating is 19,000 pounds. Thanks I want to make sure I do it correctly. There is not really a lot of explanation on the web site. 255/70R22.5 H XZE® PSI 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 Maximum load & pressure on sidewall kPa 550 590 620 660 690 720 760 790 830 LBS Single 4190 4370 4550 4675 4895 5065 5205 5400 5510 S 5510 LBS at 120 PSI Dual 7940 8220 8550 8820 8910 9220 9350 9830 10140 D 5070 LBS at 120 PSI KG Single 1900 1980 2060 2120 2220 2300 2360 2450 2500 S 2500 KG at 830 kPa Dual 3600 3720 3880 4000 4040 4180 4240 4460 4600 D 2300 KG at 830 kPa
  14. When I towed my Equinox the miles were not added. Jaime
  15. When I had a gasser prior to buying my current diesel pusher. I had dynamat installed on the engine side of the dog house. https://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Dynamat-Xtreme-Sound-Deadening/dp/B002S4TPP2 It helped quite a bit you could almost talk in a normal voice. It also helps with the heat. Jaime
  16. He said he wants to play 4 more seasons until he is 45. Jaime
  17. I have a 2018 Pace Arrow 36U. It has the Cummins 6.7 340 hp. The allison 2500 in mine is a six speed. I was in Colorado and South Dakota and did not have any problems. I was pulling a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. Averaged about 8.4 mpg.
  18. Those two questions she mentioned are in the test. I remember them. That was something I had memorized. Jaime
  19. Check with the steoeo installation companies in your area. I had mine replaced with one that included blue tooth and xm radio on my old motorhome. They should be able to tell you. Check on the rand mcnally website. Jaime
  20. jgallego

    Pads For Jacks

    Carl, I just order 4. Thanks, Jaime
  21. We tow either our 2013 Honda CRV or 2016 Chevrolet Colorado 4x4. Both are automatics. Jaime
  22. We bought a new 2018 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U last week in Hammond, La. Driving it back to Deer Park a suburb of Houston, Texas around 300 miles we got 8.8 miles per gallon running the generator and pulling a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado. We were happy with this result. Our old 2014 Coachmen Mirada averaged 5.8 miles for the four years we owned it. We are leaving this coming Saturday for Shawnee, Oklahoma and then to Kansas and other parts of Texas so I will be looking forward to seeing what the miles per gallon will be. Jaime
  23. jgallego


    Try the La Porte Tire Center. They do all the work on my motorhome. They handle large truck and have a huge parking lot. They are located at 11011 Fairmont Parkway, La Porte, Tx Contact Cliff Cunningham (281) 471-3541. Jaime
  24. I have an existing Verizon Mifi card. I followed the instructions and and completed the application online. Waited for notification letter which I received at 6 am this morning. Called in to Verizon and had them change to the new data plan. No problems. I am using my existing mifi card as I can use it internationally. Jaime
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