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  1. TSD recently negotiated better discounts at Pilot and Flying J.  They're similar to TA/Petro now, depending on location.  Just happened within the last week.  Love's still gives the best deal on average.  If you tie the card to the Love's reward app, you will get the receipt immediately (showing the pump price prior to the discount).  You will immediately get the discounted price via the EFS app on your phone.  

    It only works in the trucker lanes in the back of the stations for diesel and DEF.  It will NOT work in the auto lanes, therefore not a viable tool for gas coaches.

  2. On 3/18/2018 at 0:56 PM, Francis2 said:

    I have a 38foot motorhome (2016 model, Tuscany) and noticed that when driving with a TPMS system, I'm seeing the tire pressure gradually increase from 102 PSI to ~120 PSI.   I know that PSI will increase with heat, but when should I start to worry?.....when the temp increases more than 20 PSI ?.....or is this completely normal?


    Completely normal.

  3. 29 minutes ago, JEGREGG said:


    I have a 34'winnebago MH and the recommended tire pressure is 80 psi according to the Winnebago sticker.  I have had several good tires blowout.  The place I purchase the tires from (Michelin) thinks the recommended pressure is too low and causing them to get hot and blowout.  He recommends  I keep 90-95 lbs.  Any suggestions?

    Have you weighed your coach?  



  4. Yes, multiple extension and/or riser/drop attachments are NOT recommended.  Roadmaster is adamant about that.  If possible, I believe that drilling new holes in the receiver is the better option.


    Edit:  I was just looking at Roadmaster towbar manual for another reason and saw this ... • Do not drill a second hole in the shank of any tow bar or hitch accessory. If the hole in the shank does not align to the hole in the hitch receiver: 1) purchase a hitch a c c e s s o r y o f the appropriate length; or 2) call ROADMASTER technical support. D r i l l i n g a second hole will weaken the steel. The shank may break during towing, which will cause the towed vehicle to separate.

    That was applying to the shank of the tow bar and does not address the issue of using a riser or extension in addition to the tow bar.  It also doesn't say anything about the receiver itself.



  5. I also use Pressure Pro wired into my Silverleaf system and am very pleased with Pressure Pro.  On my prior coach, I used TireMinder A1A.  I still have that sitting on a shelf.  It worked OK, but I did get several high pressure alarms before I figured out the best way to set it up.

  6. I have a Garmin.  When I bought the current coach, it came with a Rand McNally.  After a few trips, I swapped out the RM and put in the Garmin and sold the RM.  I just prefer the Garmin.  That said, the wife still navigates using her phone and Google.  The problem with Google is that it doesn't take into account low bridges and poor routes for large coaches and trucks.

  7. You can either advertise and market it yourself, dealing with the lookers and those that want to offer you pennies on the dollar...or you could consign it out and pay a percentage or set agreed upon fee.

    I've sold 2 using consignment.  Pretty painless.  You get more than you would on a trade-in and not as much as if you sold it outright (but without the headaches)

  8. I've never heard of any state fining anyone for having "out-dated" tires, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if one did.  Back to your 10+ year old tires, if it were mine, I'd replace all of them before driving anywhere else.  A blowout while driving the interstate can ruin you day.  Besides safely getting to the side of the road, a blowout can do serious structural damage to your coach.  Just isn't worth it to me.  


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