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  1. We purchased the Thor Challenger 37nd.... 2015..... we have spend lots of time getting the little stuff fixed.... I think this is comment with any new motor home regardless of the price.... I have spoken to tons of people... We like the Challenger and we have been on the road for the last years.... currently traveling up and down east coast... My email is texased42@gmail.com
  2. Ron/Jane, Saw your FMCA note... I am in Florida for the winter..... what are your plans ..... Email.... Texased42@gmail.com I am a Canon shooter.... mainly wild life and out door world. .... photo shop/lightroom ... etc. Ed Agostini
  3. It appears to me .... after buying 3 or 4 different rigs.... the manufacturers makes them, the dealers sells them and we spend months testing it out and telling them what the **** the did wrong not do correctly or did not do at all... Also, we need to talk to other RVer's to determine the details in the actual operations because they do not have trained personnel to show us the in and outs of the RV.
  4. WE HAD A 210 POP 2003 AND 2006 POP 210... WE PUT 115,000 MILES ON THE TWO OF THEM... WE UPGRADED TO A CLASS C AND A YEAR LATER A CLASS A. We also learned many things, made lots of friends, and had many laughs during the travels.... I like your 230/300 idea. I think we will establish that as are primary code of travel rule in all future travels. We do notice that we are spending more time at the RV sites with the class c and a... we would put 6,000 miles in 42 days in the Roadtrek but only 2,400 miles in the Class C in 65 days. We have planned a Florida trip starting in Mid-september for 4 months. I will let you know the outcome... Happy trails
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