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  1. sorry about not getting back sooner. now for all you electrical genius, try to figure this out. like I said in my original post--- I get the HOT/GROUND reading when tv is plug-in. to get plug which goes to rooftop antenna to work correctly, I had to use a plug in 3 way- meaning one with a separate ground for plugging it into outlet first then plugging TV's 2 prong plug into it. don't understand why but it now works???
  2. I am replacing an older front tv with a LED television. problem is when I test it with my 120 volt tester the plug reads correct voltage.but when I plug in the TV or VCR the voltage reads differently HOT/GROUND REVERSED?? the VCR has been previously on this special plug-in for years. I haven't changed any wiring to this plug from previous years so why is the plug readings different only when I plug something into it?? i'm realy confused POWER TEK plug tv power controller model RL1007 two plugs at top one marked TV & one marked VCR anyone have one of these plug -in special plugs I assume they are marked this way so that TV turns-off automaticly if you try to drive with TV on. any suggestions anyone
  3. Now that is good news for your area----hopefully more locations will return to original owners. The one in Greenwood, IN (Indy area) will do the same. this one CW was/still is under horrible management.
  4. Not sure what a lw200 is but I towed a 2001 Saturn SL1 for many miles. Most likely like mine,----remove 1 30amp fuse & put in neutral and go-----really simple.
  5. X2 !!!!! I cannot belive all you experienced rvers still do business with CW. Just use them in an emergency. They lost my business years ago on a repair they did (UGH) 3 years ago. BTW---many if not all these locations are franchises I think operating under the CW umbrella. I had a long fight to get a small settlement from their Rapid Response Team. I've never seen a post on their website where Marcus is involved. The refund check came from the Dealer that operates this location----------not from CW directly. Everyone, please post your experiences (good or bad) on website ---- http://rvservicereviews.com/
  6. Anyone towing one of these 2012 Chevy Malibu? According to Remco, 2012 was last year they said was towable 4 down. the 4cyl & 6cyl can both be towed even though they have different transmissions. I think the 4 cyl with the 6T40 transmission which has been used for earlier years might be the better choice. anyone have any thoughts either way on this? I wanted to buy a Ford Focus but have heard too many horror stories about burnt-up transmissions. Thanks for any thoughts about this.
  7. You guys are really scaring me about purchasing a Georgetown RV. We wanted to upgrade our 2000 National RV to a newer unit. Now ????? not sure.
  8. thanks------------i'll give them a try.
  9. Anyone know of a salvage or junk yard where I can purchase used basement storage doors of a 2000 SeaView mh made by National RV? These are the crappy plastic doors made by Ortega for National RV. They crack & break in cold weather. I think they were used on another model RV from National also for years 1999 thru 2001. Ortega's price for new ones is to much. i know National sold many campers on the west coast, so I will travel if price is reasonable.
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