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  1. Have a 1997 32ft Holliday Rambler Vacationer without levelers. Does anyone know if you can get tripod stabilizer jacks (2 for the rear) for this heavy a vehicle (17,000 GVW). Would need beefy ones that would crank up 21+ inches and would set themabout 2ft apart beside each other at the rear of and below the Ford chassis center rails.
  2. Concerned about being buffeted side to side by wind while driving. Camper World says after market devices can be installed front and rear of my Class A 32 ft HR Vacationer to off-set this. Described as allowing sway only slightly and then returning to stable. Problem is quoted, installed, at about $2700 ($1200 front - $1500 rear) for this. Any other ways to mitigate this swaying or are there any alternatives at lower cost.
  3. Could use some sage, experienced HR advice on the following pending repair issues: 1. What does it entail and how do you repair a leaking toilet valve seal (doesn't hold run- in water)? 2 Added too much winterizing RV antifreeze fluid to water system last fall (in Wisconsin). Now still get the ordor of it every time we turn a faucet on and run water. Is there some other way to mitigate this ordor than by continuing to run the water (and emptying the grey water tank) until it disappears? .
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