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  1. Thanks for the fast replies! Brett, It does not surge, it just shuts off as if you hit the kill switch! Jimmy, I tried pushing the kill button (the one I use to heat up the glow plugs) but got no response or flashes from the light on the start and kill switch (there is a blue light on the switch but no blinks). Of course, I just went out and ran it for 15/min. with nothing turned on; it didn't even get warm. Then I turned on both air conditioners for another 15/min. - it ran fine, no shut down and as cool as if it had not been running? Puzzled, Gil
  2. After it shuts down I can open the compartment and press the reset but and it will run for another ten min or so! Any ideas what would be causing it to trip the reset button? It is due for a maintenance; it now has two hundred hours on it - but it did ran good for the first 200/hr. PS: first time posting anything - I have read some of fellow FMCA members post and got good advice before! Thanks, Gil
  3. Can any one help me and my Brother-in-law; he has a Windsport 30Q motorhome and the housing on the wiper arm, where it attaches to the wiper motor shaft, broke. Is there a good website to buy parts like this? Thanks, Gil
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