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  1. We have a 2015 Tiffin Allegro RED. We left it in Florida for the summer and have friends checking it. Twice now they have found one of the back bedroom slides out. How can this be happening since you have to have the ignition key on to put it in or out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Our engine batteries are 7 years old and need replaced. Does FMCA get a discount anywhere?
  3. This is what I found regarding your question about Roadside Assistance towing services Is the vehicle pulling my 5th-Wheel or Travel Trailer covered? Yes, both vehicles are covered. If the truck pulling your 5th-Wheel breaks down, for example, both the truck and 5th-Wheel will be moved to the nearest qualified repair center (the trailer may be towed to the nearest campground). If a service center is not available, depending on the time of night, SafeRide RV will make every effort to move you to a safe location.
  4. We just ordered a Car In Tow sign from "Magnets On The Cheap" I used the Student Driver sign and changed it to "Car In Tow" and left the "Keep Back" on. A 12"x18" was $8.
  5. So while we have the coach in the shop getting new shoes, is there anything you can tell me to have done that will help with the sway or air pull when driving on the interstates and the big rigs go around us. I've heard comments on the different types of shocks, but have no idea what to do, or if there is anything at all we can do besides purchase a DP?
  6. Thanks Herman. Good advice, I'll do that.
  7. Carl, At the RVMH Hall of Fame museum in Elkhart, IN the first campers had them. It looked very comical to see them actually. If you haven't been there, it's certainly worth the trip. http://www.rvmhhalloffame.org/
  8. Our dealer has to order the tires. I called them back and gave them all the info on Michelin-Advantage program and two #'s to call, along with my FMCA member number. He is suppose to call and then call me back today. Sure hoping we can take advantage of this program as it is supposed to save quite a bit of money per tire. I will also tell him that I want recent tire stamps when he calls back. How often is recommended to replace tires? Depending on mileage on them, or age of tire/wear? We bought our 2007 coach in 2014 with 2,100 miles. The tires looked great when we bought it, but after two trips to LA/FL we started noticing outside wear and the coach was towing in. We had it aligned yesterday and that's when they told us our tires were 11 years old (which we knew) and in bad need of being replaced due to wear and flat spots.
  9. If your tire dealer does not participate in the program and you have to get tires, can you get any type of rebate/return? Wishful thinking?
  10. Our friends have the same issue with CW, OTA and Cable does not work once Satellite was installed. And they (CW) found other issues wrong with their coach and wanted to fix for outlandish prices. Like a strip of caulk on the outside of the coach about 12 feet long ended up costing them $3,000. Never will we take anything to them for service. May purchase something out of the store if I can't find it cheaper anywhere else, but not usually. We only purchase our TP from WM. Scott brand is the best and softest, not like that sandpaper on all the other brands.
  11. Thank you Bill. That certainly clears it up for me. So, no matter where I go if I just want to watch satellite TV all I need to do is put up the dish. However, if I want to see the local network channels I can either use my OTA TV antenna or call my satellite service and ask them to change my SERVICE address and give them an exact address for where I'm parked and site# if in a RV park. But, in looking at the entire situation, our friends satellite was installed by CW and now they cannot get cable if the park they are at offers it. Is that true with all coaches that have satellite installed? My DH and I have been thinking our friends have so many issues receiving satellite wherever they go that it's totally not worth it. We pretty much can receive anything we want to watch using the OTA antenna or cable if the park offers it and no additional cost factors for us.. We are not huge TV watchers anyway and mostly enjoy being outside doing something. Thanks to all for the info. I knew this was the place to go to get answers. Just so much knowledge on this forum. Tilldee
  12. kaypsmith, What do you mean by a reset of the receiver to the local zipcode? Are you just recycling the receiver?
  13. We do not currently have satellite TV on our MH, but friends of ours do. They have a Winegard, with Dish I believe. Their issue is that each time they move, they have to call and reset the zipcode they are in. They have been told by Dish they are not allowed to change zipcodes often like they have been doing. Crazy, I know since it's on a MH. Just want to know what all the full timers with satellite do when they change locations. New to how this all works. Tilldee
  14. We do not have satellite TV in our MH, but thinking about it. From what I am hearing, you need to call in each location you're staying at in order to receive satellite TV. Is that the case, or am I missing something? Seems to me that would get quite old after awhile. HELP me to understand how this all works. If someone already has asked this question, then I missed it. Thanks, Tilldee
  15. Am I'm assuming those things are very expensive to upgrade?
  16. Not hijacking John's thread, but pertaining to amps in the coach, we currently have a 30 amp coach. Is it possible to upgrade the coach to 50 amp? This would sure help and I wouldn't have to keep turning off the A/C when using another appliance, like my hair dryer. We only have the one A/C but the coach is wired to add another one and has the control in the bedroom.
  17. Thanks Jamie. We do not have Dish, we have the local cable company, TimeWarner. Since I'm already paying them, I sure would be a happy camper if I could get my cable channels in the coach when we are out. Guess it's looking like it all boils down to the bandwidth of where we will be staying.
  18. http://www.slingbox.com/ I am in no way promoting this product, but would only like to know if anyone else uses it and would like to hear your pros and cons. Thanks
  19. Jamie you are fortunate to have unlimited data plan. I don't believe there is anyone who provides that any longer. The initial investment with a SlingBox is around $150. After setup, you just continue to pay your cable bill at home and you can receive all in your coach provided you have a WiFi connection. I like the fact that I won't have to pay any monthly fees, but will be able to use my cable that I pay for at home, when we are on the road. I feel the campgrounds are getting better and better with providing WiFi service as they know that is what their customers want. Thanks for your info and I am going to check into using my smartphone a lot more than I do. Probably need to ask my grandkids how.
  20. Thinking of investing in the "SlingBox" so we can take our cable TV listings with us, if we have WiFi, which is mostly everywhere these days. Has anyone else used this setup? Would love to hear some feed back before we make the investment. Thanks, Tilldee
  21. We have friends who are at Camp Gulf, Destin, FL right now and we'll be joining them next week, our first visit. They love the campground, and you can camp right on the beach. That's where we'll be. Can't wait to get up in the morning and watch the dolphins. It's a little pricey to stay on the beach, but it's our splurge week this year. Friends have also stayed at Destin West RV Park and said it was very nice, and will stay their again. It is on the bay, not directly on the gulf.
  22. Thanks Wolfe10. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. It's been a busy winter here and I'm so over it and ready to get on the road again. But I can't complain too much, we could have been in the northeastern states. Brrrrr.
  23. We bought ours at Tweetys.com Very reasonable and had them within 3 or 4 days.
  24. We are from the Ohio/Indiana area and real close to Tom Raper RV which has been in business I believe since the 60's and the largest dealer in the Midwest area. Just found out last weekend at an RV show that Camping World is purchasing Tom Raper RV. Heard they will not have a showroom, but will turn that into the parts/service area. An end of an era for this area. My husband and I would go to the showroom to just look around when there was nothing better to do at the time. Just thought I'd throw that out there for any of you maybe thinking of coming out to Tom Raper RV. I believe Camping World will take over the end of January.
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