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  1. Very nice post...thanks
  2. Thank you all for all the great info. I've been very busy and had no time to log onto FMCA. We pick the coach up tonight and I will be able to get a better look at the windows later today. We did drive to the sellers house and drove/inspected the RV. We did use the seal issue to get a better buy on the coach. I live in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Thanks
  3. Thanks huffypuff Is there a website or RV store that I could buy replacement thermo panes? It looks like an easy enough fix if I could get the windows cheap.
  4. I’m looking to buy this Coachmen 37 foot Diesel Pusher and everything is in great shape for a 1998. The only issues are the window seal on a few of the windows are being pulled away. (see picture) The owner said they do not leak but they just look bad. Is this an easy fix? PS this is our first RV.
  5. Thanks for the ideas. We thought about buying a more expensive one now, but we felt in 5-years we could get more for our money if we buy something a few years old with lower miles on it. There is a huge depreciation on MH’s and we don’t want to take that hit on a new one. We’ll take our time and find something for the time being. Besides it’s too cold in Wisconsin to camp right now. I should mention that we are going to sell our house and buy a condo and travel in the winter months. Thanks for the RVTRADER website….there is a lot of stuff out there. WOW!
  6. Hi, We are new to the site and looking for some advice. My wife and I have been camping in tents – pop ups and travel trailers since the early 80’s. In the mid-2000’s we sold our travel trailer and said when we retire we would buy a Class A and hit the open roads. We are 5 years away from retirement and we would like to buy a RV now ($15K to $25K) and get back into camping/traveling again. Then when we retire we would sell this RV and buy something in the (75K-100K) and go fulltime on the road. Our questions for the RV that will take us to retirement or the next 5-years is? Would you buy an older diesel or newer gas model? We want to be 30 feet-plus in length. What are some good websites to shop used RV’s? What is the markup on used RV’s? If we are planning on spending 25K should we be looking at 30K in hopes the price is negotiable? What "make" can we get the best deal on? Is there a brand that they flooded the market with and maybe there are better deals on that make? I’m very handy and wouldn’t mind having to do improvements to the RV. I have done flooring, paint, upholstering in some of our other campers. Would you buy from a dealer or private party? Thanks Dale and Kris
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