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  1. The problem is not with a particular model of Ford or Mercury. The problem is the 6F35 transmission. The problem is compounded if you are towing with a Diesel Pusher and / or are towing in hot weather. We lost two transmissions while flat towing in hot weather in AZ and had a third overheat in AZ while towing behind our Diesel Pusher again in AZ hot weather. We finally unhooked and my wife drove our 2010 Ford Fusion home the last 200 miles of our trip. These trip interruptions have been extremely inconvenient. Ford has been willing to replace the transmissions but not take the car back or buy us a tow dolly. We are disappointed in both Ford and FMCA for not helping to resolve these problems. We bought the Fusion specifically for flat towing after reading FMCA's flat towing car guide. In 2012 we finally broke down and bought a tow dolly. It's nice to not worry about the transmission frying but the dolly is inconvenient and dirty to deal with the belts around the tires. Besides that all the money spent for the base plate and tow bar was a waste. In my opinion Ford has admitted that the 6F35 transmission is not acceptable for flat towing since they now say it is not warranted for flat towing in the later 2012 models. We flat towed a 2000 Honda Accord for 7 years before we were rear ended and it was totaled and we never had a problem. We have been toying with the idea of replacing the Ford and getting a new dinghy we can flat tow but I am leary of problems similar to those we have had with the Ford. Any suggestions?
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