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  1. Great comments!! I will try to vacuum out the duct work and see if that helps. It just seems strange that I have owned it for over a year and it is just now doing this. Thanks again!!!
  2. A strange issue has came up within the past 10 days. I am seeing strange debris coming out of some AC vents. The debris is mostly rectangular or square in shape. It is very dark brown in color, and is very, very thin. In order to even pick it up off the floor to examine it, I have to wet the end of my finger and touch it. If I rub it at all it simply disintegrates - like I stated, it is extremely thin. I first thought that it may be leaf debris, but that does not account for the shape. There is not a lot of it, but it is very annoying to have to pick up this stuff up on a pretty regular basis. It is primarily coming from 4 separate vents - 2 in the bedroom/bathroom area, and the other two in the kitchen area. The filters are relatively clean, and I cleaned the AC units themselves, but that has not seemed to help. Picture attached. Has anyone out there had a similar issue? I am baffled.
  3. This post is directed to "kaypsmith". Would it be possible for you to post a picture of your bed setup? What sort of rig are you referring to for slide out motor access? We would prefer not to lose the current storage that we have underneath the bed. Although I do not know your particular setup, mine would need to sit directly on top of the hinged platform that slides in and out with the driver side slide-out. Two concerns are: 1) headroom, and 2) motor clearance (the legs would probably need to be shortened to address concern #1). The reason that I used the word "articulating" is that, for instance, a Sleep Number bed is "adjustable", although it is only the firmness that is adjustable. I wanted to differentiate between that type of bed and a bed where the head a feet were adjustable. I had a Sleep Number in my previous coach, but it was not sufficient to address my medical issues. Again, sorry for any confusion.
  4. Thanks for all of your posts. I guess that I misspoke when I said "articulating bed". I should have said adjustable bed. I will research the Leggett and Platt bed. It has to mount directly on top of the platform that the mattress rests on. Head clearance would be the biggest issue. I will try to fix the issue of my coach info appearing in each of my posts. Thanks again.
  5. I have a 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 37R, with a king size bed mounted on the driver-side slide out,
  6. I want to replace my current bed with an articulating bed, one that the head and feet move. The reason is that I cannot sleep more than about 2 hours in any traditional flat bed, no matter the composition of the bed, due to multiple spinal surgeries and permanent nerve pain. I currently have to sleep in my recliner, which is by no means ideal. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can source a suitable articulating bed? It needs to fit on top of the slide out platform that is currently underneath our bed mattress. My wife and I want to become full-timers when she retires in about 2 years, and I really want the bed in place prior to that milestone. Thanks ahead of time for good input.
  7. To Campcop: Your post seems to me to be the most likely culprit. That the smell happens during region also seemed to me to be the most likely reason. I will have Freightliner check this out when I take it in for replacement of a defective DEF gauge (on the tank). Thanks to everyone for your informative posts.
  8. To all that replied to my post: It never occurred to me that the cord from the block to the heater switch would be unplugged. I will check it at the earliest opportunity - unfortunately, just had a snowstorm, so cannot check it presently. Thanks to all who posted a reply. It is greatly appreciated.
  9. I have a 2015 Discovery 37R. The temperature got down to a chilly 9 degrees last night. I went out to my coach a while ago, and looked at the engine block heater switch. It has a light inside of it. My logic tells me that when the light is off, the block heater is off, and vice versa. What I am scratching my head over is this: on my power monitor panel at the front of the coach, it says that my block heater is ON, but 0 amps. And, it shows that regardless if the block heater switch is ON or OFF. I am baffled by this. Any ideas?
  10. Thank you all for your posts. As to the recirculation possibility, I am reasonably sure that the HVAC was on recirculate, because that is how I set in in my other vehicles. I will check for a leak as well. It does seem very strange that it only happens occasionally. It is not a constant problem. Thanks again for your ideas.
  11. I recently purchased a 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 37R. On approximately four occasions, my wife and I have smelled what seems like diesel exhaust fumes inside the coach. The strange part about this is that it is while we are traveling down the interstate. It usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. Could it be happening during the regeneration process that the newer motors with DEF go through periodically? By the way, it does not matter if the generator is on or off. Any ideas out there?
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