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  1. Hi again. Can I send you a video to your personal email? If so, please send me the email address or a place to post the video. thank again Hugh
  2. second picture. I am told I cannot upload any more pics?
  3. Hi again. Two pictures. First picture is the top of the F2 board (the fuse is underneath on the board - seen in previous picture). The second picture shows how there are two chips/connectors that couple the F2 board to the F1 and another board (two black connectors). Do these pull apart? If not, I cannot see how to access the underneath of the F2 board to remove/replace the fuse. thanks again! Hugh
  4. Hi again, I will send another picture tomorrow. It is the push switches that I am concerned/confused about. It is confusing (to me) how to unhook them to separate the boards to access the board in question. I appreciate your assistance! Hugh
  5. Hi again. First picture, close up of the F2 fuse. You can see the end of it. Second picture showing F2 board back a bit from the first picture. Third is taken from the other side. Any help would be appreciated thanks again
  6. Hi Rich, and thank you for replying back to me. The unit is completely removed and I have taken off the cover. Attached are some pictures. The main problem is that I cannot access the F2 board fuse as the F2 board is connected to the F1 board and I do not know how to separate them - or access the F2 fuse.. Any help is greatly appreciated. It is model 81201012(203). I did try to get some assistance from the company - but still waiting. How to you post pictures to the forum? Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone. Hope someone can help. I need to change the F2 fuse on my Freedom 20 inverter. How the heck do you access the F2 board as the fuse is way up underneath and the F2 board is connected to the F1 board. I noticed that someone changed theirs, so if you can please send me some suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much Hugh
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