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  1. We are thinking about finding one place to spend about 3 to 4 months of the summer in our RV instead of traveling all summer. We would prefer a 55+ park, but would consider other parks. The most important thing is that the park has a sense of community with activities, as well as some amenities in the park and a town close by for shopping, restaurants, movies etc. We are also trying to get out of the Texas heat, so we are looking at heading north or somewhere cooler. Any suggestions for RV parks that meet this criteria or sources for information on how to find these types of RV parks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. We went to our first rally in our new motor home in Redmond, OR, many years ago. Toward the end of the rally, they were announcing winners of some give away prizes. By the time the last two prizes were being announced, it was getting late, so my husband, Jay, left to get us seats for the entertainment. We each had walkie talkies to keep in touch (before cell phone days) and he took off, while I waited around for the last prize announcements. The last prize was two battery powered scooters, which I thought would be a fun prize to take with us in the RV, as well as use around our 3 acre property.. I heard the announcer say...."And the winner is from El Cajon, California" and I thought, "So how many people could be here from our home town?" And then he said the winner is Jay Sender. I started screaming. The announcer asked if the person screaming was Jay and i said, "No. It's his wife". Boy, did that get a good laugh. Well, needless to say, Jay was shocked when I called him on the walkie talkie and told him he won the scooters. What a great end to our very first motor home rally.
  3. Lucky is our 14 year old, 95 pound Labrador Shepherd mix. Lucky was a rescue dog, but has settled in well to our family life. He loves to travel with his buddy, Duke, in our RV, a 40 foot Gulf Stream Friendship. In this picture we were at a truck stop in Texarkana, TX heading home to the Austin, TX area after a 4 month summer trip. While my husband, Jay, was filling us up with diesel fuel, Lucky decided he wanted to get on the road and get home. You should have seen the truckers do a double take as they walked past our RV! He was quite the talk of the truck stop that day. Danielle Sender Georgetown, TX
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