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  1. Tonight I put my rear slideout in on my motorhome. It made a popping noise and now it won't go in or out. It is plugged in. It is not a popped fuse. I have no idea what's causing this and we are supposed to go away tomorrow. Again, it is a 2005 Monaco La Palma and it is the rear slide. Has anyone ever heard of problems with the rear slide? Any idea what it could be? Many thanks.
  2. Okay, this Friday I am leaving at night. I have driven the motorhome in the dark before and remember that the headlights do not work well, even though the lenses are in perfect condition. I have to turn the highbeams on to have the same amount of visibility I have with my car and I get a little nervous when I have to drive the motorhome at night. Does anyone have suggestions on how to make the headlights better? I was almost thinking I could just get new bulbs that are brighter or something. Would that work? Does anyone else have a LaPalma that has the same problem with the headlights?
  3. I am looking at possible buying a 2010 Ford Fusion with a V6 automatic engine and the sales man told me that it cant be towed. i thought that all cars can be flat towed with the proper mods. any thoughts??? Anyone here actually have a 2010 Fusion that they tow?? and I want to flat tow it by the way...
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