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  1. I received a quote from FMCA RV insurance (Nationwide) Paid for the insurance, which would have gone into effect 9/17. I paid in full for the year 9/12/17 $1326. but decided to change to fulltimer insurance. I was told they did not cover fulltimer insurance in Montana unless you were 35ft or less. Cancelled insurance 9/14/17 and was told that it would be processed the next Mon / Tuesday and then 3 days to credit my card. No credit 9/26/17 so I called them again and was informed that it would take until October 9-10th to get refund!!!!! I then informed them that I was told differently and felt lied to. They had already processed the refund but put it on hold until Octobere 9-10th. I was told this is to eliminate FRAUD and SCAMS. My payment was charged to my credit card, not check, money order or cashiers check and was furious that they placed me in this category. Therefore they are getting to use my money, interest free, for over 13 business days. I am furious and want to inform all of you of their "POLICY". Never again with Nationwide.
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