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  1. My husband and I are looking to purchase our first Class A and live in it full time. Very exciting and we have been enjoying the downsizing and looking at different units. We found a unit today that we like but have some concerns. I am posting here to ask those of you who have more experience than we do if our concerns are founded or not. We are considering a 35Ft 2000 Newmar Dutchstar with Ford V10 Bank system engine it has 25K miles and the interior is in excellent condition and we love the layout, this unit has the upgraded hutch in it. It has one AC unit and has a 5000 watt Generator. All windows have awnings and the owner had custom shaded to put on the windows outside for when parked. It has the back up camera and has a braking system for tow car as well as the tow bar hitch that will all come with the unit. What concerns us is that the unit has been stored and not used for 3 years. Although it has been under a roof out of the sun it has still been exposed to Phoenix heat and sand. The tires although bought new 6 years ago have been sitting and they look great, we are concerned they could blow from lack of use. WE are also concerned that because the engine has not been significantly exercised that we will be buying problems. The engine has been turned over and the unit has been driven around locally from time to time but no long trips. There is a rubber roof which we are told is in good condition as it has been out of the sun but we cannot tell as their is sand all over it. The owner is firm at $24K she will be fixing the generator which was leaking gas today and buy 2 new batteries as well. Should we walk away or are we getting a good deal? We appreciate any insight. Thank you.
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