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  1. Check the windshields-- they have a history of popping them loose. Precision paint in Bremen Indiana xbraces them and takes care of that problem.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. As for the tires at fault it did it on the old ones and the new ones. My feeling it is not tires or air pressure. I have driven 1000's of miles in everything from semi's to different RVs and other rubber tired vehicles. I did play around with tire pressures from 90 to a extreme 120 for a short amount of time and it was a non issue. I am more inclined to believe it could be a faulty air valve that is playing around with the leveling.
  3. When I talked to Spartan I had the 90 psi that the tire dealer put in and they told me to up it to 105 to 110; I figured Spartan should know what they were talking about.
  4. The psi was based on advice from Spartan. All front end adjustments were from truck alignment shops recommended by RV dealers in the two different areas of the USA that did the work. I had to take their word for this as I am not allowed in the work area. The tires are the mfg's recommended size. One repair shop in AZ recommended a Safety Steer Stabilizer. I think it is something like the Blue Ox mentioned above. Anymore advice is welcome.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Not to my knowledge has it been wrecked. A long story. I bought this motorhome used and it had this condition when we test drove it. I told the dealer it had to be fixed before we picked it up. Never happened. Drove it home on a scarry ride and took it to a Spartan dealer and they found a bell crank with the bearing out and they replaced it with new parts and told me it was ready to go. It has been to 3 different alignment shops and we have been told that every thing is perfect including the rear align. The mileage is in the low 60's . The tires that were on it were Michelin and out of date and new Michelin's were all on back order so I put on Bridgestones. I have the psi at 110 and it never gets done wandering on a still day or windy on it makes no difference. The chassis is a Spartan k2. I have tightened up the steering gear as far as is safe to do. It helped a very small amount. Thanks for any replies.
  6. My windshield pops out and the steering is terrible . HELP
  7. Well the steering problem hopefully has been solved. In nontechnical terms the Spartan chassis on this coach has a very short turning radius and one of the bell cranks had a serious bearing problem letting the drag arms flex when they should have remained straight. That let the front end kind of lead a life of its own and when the steering wheel was turned there was a delayed reaction that caused over steering. I drove it yesterday and it was much better and when we get the new tires on it this next week it should be ready to go. The mechanic said he would check the gear box if necessary and play with that to make it better. More to follow and thanks for the replies.
  8. I have a new to me 2003 41 select Travel supreme mh. It has a problem with the steering. It doesn't matter if you are on a highway or a city street. It will drift to the right and when you steer to correct it I end up chasing it. (over steering one way and then the other). I have had the steering alignment checked at a truck alignment shop and found out that all was well. They did find some bushing on the rear stabilizer bar that were slightly worn so I had them replaced. It still does the same thing. The alignment shop checked the tire air pressures and put in the correct amount. Still very hard to drive. Tire sizes are 295 80r 22.5 Michelin. What am I missing?
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