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  1. We have an 2002 32'Allegro Bus last one made that size. Now with the big dog house overhead and the little ac/dc in back when we get a new front TV, after removal of the big Panasonic and install the flatscreen do I still need the digital converter for the little one or how do I wire in the punch box next to the big TV. You more savvy type can see that I don't know much about RV TV's any and all info will be welcomed.. Retired Ray
  2. One: List your name. Two: List the branch of service you were in. Three: List the amount of time you were in service to this country and when you were in service. Four: List your rank while in service.. Five: List your job while in service (I think it was your MOS) Six: List where you served. (NAM, DESERT STORM, ATLANTIC, PACIFIC, WW2, KOREA) Ray US ARMY 28 years (ret) SGM E-9 11B5Z RVN (twice) 67-68 69-70 while young Ranger later NCO academy instructor, Deputy Commandant 7th Army Germany Retired Brigade S-3 502nd 101 Abn Div
  3. Thanks looking for another small truck to tow. Ray
  4. Does anyone know if the Honda Ridgeline is towable all four down?
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