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  1. In Elkhart area to have slideout repair work at Newmar, anyone dealt with the Cummins dealer in town? Need to have exhaust manifold leak taken care of on ISL 400. Also any recommendations on facility to have Dometic A/C's looked at or possibly replaced. Thx.
  2. My friend had same issue with inside duals, called TST and was recommended these: https://tsttruck.com/product-category/valve-extenders-wheel-products/page/2/
  3. Check out this link:http://www.boogeylights.com/led-lights-for-rv-campers-trailers.html. I researched this product and installed the awning and under glow lights on my motorhome. Excellent product and great support. There are numerous options on colors; display lights as flashing, solid, breathing, and also control speed and brightness.
  4. Joseph. He details my Newmar and does a great job. #561-262-8404.
  5. I have the TST 507 with (6) flow-thru on motor home and (4) valve caps on toad, has worked flawlessly. It may be off by a pound of pressure but monitors for the unexpected. Have the repeater, coach is 40', but even with repeater switched off, no signal problem.
  6. I have a 2007 Newmar Dutch Star and would like to remove the existing analog TV and replace with LED flatscreen in the front and rear. How do you get access into cabinets to remove the TV? Really appreciate any help and suggestions.
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