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  1. When choosing Winegard, King or RF Mogle inform yourself about the warranty and availability for customer service (if needed) after the sale. What is the published "failure" rate of each model? How well does the company actually stand behind their product, do they accept responsibility and take action or change focus to "We didn't make that part" or the "Installer"? Be an informed consumer.
  2. FMCA is working with Verizon on a Jetpack UDP. Full launch date has not been announced but is coming. Stay tuned, It is coming.
  3. Geoffm


    Please try to remember, DirecTv is a stick and bricks business model. For the most part if you say "RV" it will short circuit their brain! Also, most of the people you talk to only know how to follow a flow chart. So, if you know what you need can be done and are getting nowhere,,,, hang up and redial.
  4. Is your system set up for Dish Network? If so, you should check with Winegard, your OEM dome may very well be affected by the ongoing changes happening with Dish Network making it unable to work with Dish Network but it should still work with DirecTv. If it's set up for DirecTV and stopped working, replacement is your only choice. If you have an affected antenna, Winegard has very special pricing (less than a dealer) to upgrade to a working system. With the changes in the way both Dish and Direct are in the process of making, the best choice for many reasons such as a .1% failure rate since 2008 (it will work with all the changes happening), 1 button operation, receives 3 satellites at the same time, nation wide service centers if any repairs are needed would be the Traveler, SK-SWM3 for Directv and the SK 1000 for Dish. If a dome type of antenna meets your needs, Winegard (built 2013 and on) would be a good choice and will work with the known changes that are in the process. Both services have both good and terrible customer service. Hope this helps.
  5. A lot more information is needed. Splitter? Distribution box? Booster? and so on. If I took a guess, it may be that the Over The Air/crank-up (OTA) antenna signal is only being sent to your front tv. You would need to trace the coax from the other tv's to the area the coax comes from the OTA and see if there is a splitter and it the splitter working?
  6. Unfortunately with the protocol (signal transmission) changes that are and have been going on with both DirecTv and DishNetwork it is very likely your Tracstar will not be able to be up dated to support the new protocol.
  7. kaypsmith, Thank you I believe the remote you are referring to would be an "RF" radio frequency. The H-24 receivers will work with both "IR" infer red (line of sight) and RF remotes. Just follow the instructions in the Remote Set-up section.
  8. The switch box will allow you to send the satellite feed to the other TV's, you will need a RF Modulator (takes the composite, Yellow, Red, White) connection from the back of the receiver and modulate so it can pass through coax to the TV's. With the modulator you will watch what ever is in the main TV (mirror) on channel 3 or 4 and be aware the picture will be in standard definition and you will most likely have to use the it TV's cable tuner.
  9. Welcome, If I understand, you would like satellite picture on all three tv's. Unless someone already coax cabled a second feed to the bedroom and outside your coach only came with 1 coax feed to those locations used for, over the air and park cable. With that said, a second coax will only give you a satellite signal to that location or you can use the existing coax and not have over the air and park cable, you will need a DirecTv receiver at each tv. If you do not have a second coax to the other locations and you want to continue to receive over the air and park cable you have two choices, 1 - cable HDMI or component to each location and "mirror" watch the same thing using one receiver or Install a Genie (HR 44) with a Wireless Video Bridge (WVB-025) and Wireless Genie Mini (C 41W) for the bedroom and outside tv. When you remove the switch box you will need to install an antenna / park cable switch. currently both sources are feed into the switch box and then distributed to the tv's. Hope this helps.
  10. M.W., I find Amazon is the best source and with "prime" shipping and return policy a good value.
  11. mwilson, Are you needing the RCA cables to connect a second TV to the same receiver? Does the second TV have HDMI? If so you can use a HDMI splitter, 1 in 2 or more out (I recommend a higher end powered splitter). Connecting that way that you will be able to get a high def picture on the second TV. Enjoy
  12. mwilson, Have you gotten your problem resolved?
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