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  1. All of our contact with Jayco thus far has been in writing. They have only responded once however. The dealership has been great but is also having issues with getting Jayco to respond to their inquiries on how to fix the shower issue. This is a brand new MH and Jayco clearly dropped the ball with manufacturing it to their supposed quality standards. Given their lack of response to our concerns, I have no issues with giving them bad publicity whenever I get the chance. There is power in social media to get things resolved and I have already written a few forums and posted on Twitter and Facebook. If Jayco makes good, I will be happy to update those outlets to let everyone know. I am not holding my breath though. Fortunately, we have a great Attorney Generals office in Kentucky when it comes to protecting consumers. Issues with Jayco will be filed with them next week. This will insure that we are protected as well as other citizens of Kentucky are as well when dealing with Jayco products.
  2. I would like to encourage everyone to think twice before purchasing any Jayco product. They advertise themselves to be a superior American builder of recreational vehicles and brag about their level of commitment to their customers but it is all a front. My wife and I purchased a new 2014 Jayco Redhawk 31XL on March 1, 2014 and took our first trip with the kids at the end of the month. The unit had to be dropped at the dealer for numerous repairs ,for issues we discovered on our maiden voyage, on our way home. There was a large gap beneath the dinette where the floor met the wall, the shower pan is missing a support beneath it which made a quarter of the shower dangerously soft to stand on, a brake\tail light assembly did not function, handle ripped off of bunk over cab mattress, heat duct work was not connected to furnace, and continuous rubber roof has folds in it just to name the bigger issues. Contacted Jayco and they were not less than helpful with their reply. Basically a sorry for that, take it to the dealer. A follow-up has gone unanswered and the dealer told us last week they are having issues with getting Jayco to tell them how to install the missing support beneath the shower. I have posted on other sites and learned that issues with the Redhawk are common and poor customer service from Jayco is even more common! We are ready to contact our state Attorney General concerning these issues because it seems as if Jayco is in no way willing to own up to their mistakes and provide us with a level of service that is owed to us. While the Redhawk is considered an affordable entry level MH, it was still a significant investment for us and we would like to be able to enjoy the unit without any issues.
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