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  1. Rvaholic welcome. I was stationed at Ft. Sill during Desert Storm 13Z5M in FATC Operations Jan -April 91
  2. Had new installation on 2017 Jeep Wrangler in June original quotes including braking system ranged from $2300 - almost 5000 best was through our local Leonard dealer worst from camping world.
  3. Mine is also called an amplifier and must be off for cable. Another point while discussing RV park cables is that many connections are badly corroded, damp or just plain dirty, a shot of WD40 on the connection before attaching your coax generally improves reception.
  4. I am disappointed and hate to think that we are now members of the "Good Fam Club", but we are committed through 2022 and have already recovered our membership fees through a unfortunate use of FMCA Assist. We will continue to support the organization as long as it provides satisfaction to us.
  5. Still need to sign up a new member. If each member signed up a new member we'd double our numbers to 140,000 and be out of this alleged dilemma
  6. Yes just vote no like I did and then sign up a new member like I did.
  7. I will say again we have not done enough to encourage new Motorcoach owners, young Motorcoach owners and non member Motorcoach owners. Talk is cheap
  8. No, but I've used fmca assist as a result of a heart attack in Mesa Az back in April. It's a great benefit at $60 / yr. They flew wife, 2 dogs and myself back to Myrtle Beach after doctors released me to travel and 2' weeks later a professional driver rolled into town with my motorhome towing my car.
  9. Hey 1SG from one 1SG to another welcome
  10. Studebrucer, suggest you go to http://tiffinrvnetwork.com/index.php where you will get more accurate and pertinent info to your questions about the Allegro Breese from actual owners some friends of ours in Tiffin travelers chapter FMCA recently traded their Breeze for a 36 ft Tiffin dp tom gulya vp tiffin travelers chapter
  11. First to the Hayes Family nice looking family. I still feel we don't do enough to engage people A B and C we meet and sell FMCA. 12 % is still a of a lot of people. I still think part of the problem is image, some people view us as a bunch of elitist, non inclusive old farts and I think some of us work hard to live up to that image, including a few on this forum.
  12. Elkhartjim: that's why we have to vote to allow towables, so Marcus can buy us out, merge us with Good Sam and we can all become happy campers in the "The Good Fam Club".
  13. We have two CW's now and their plan they announced last year is to close one, unfortunately it is the better one.
  14. Our Gander Mountain is closing, it has only been open about two years, sad.
  15. Welcome from one retired 1SG to another
  16. Okay Herman right on topic should FMCA allow towables. NO
  17. And I thought Marcus was going to buy FMCA on an episode of the profit, but first we had to allow towables. Then we could be the "Good Fam Club".
  18. Towing on a dolly with a shorter mh like yours is pretty easy but you should never back up as it will put excessive stress on the tow bar bend point. Towing some shorter cars you may also experience wheel hopping or side drag when making sharp turns.
  19. FIVE. You said it all. We don't worry that much about fuel mileage, we worry about which thing to do on conflicting dates, or can we really make it between pt A and pt B in the driving time we have available. Our kids loved Yellowstone in our RV.
  20. Having now returned from the Indy rally and being disappointed at best I guess we will be railroaded into a new direction. I guess this calls for a new name as FMCA will be out of date, therefore I'm suggesting a new name "The Good Fam Club". Sorry Marcus.
  21. I wash mine in my driveway too, when it gets dirty.
  22. Not the first topic to mysteriously disappear.💥 It's a shame the Verizon test didn't work out though as we need benefits like it to help our membership.
  23. Rlbarkleyii you are right on. Mostly chapters go after other existing FMCA members i.e. Chapter Fairs etc. which is good, however every time you meet an rver you should be recruiting for fmca and your local chapter.
  24. The origin of Memorial Day was a call by General John Logan in 1868 to honor the civil war dead by decorating their graves with flowers on the 30th of May hence Decoration Day which ultimately became the day known asMemorial Day a day to honor all who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. Remember all gave some but some gave all God Bless Them.
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