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  1. I like the a portable option. Look into RVi Brake. I have been happy with RVi2 and this year have upgraded to the new model RVi3.
  2. How's that roof holding up. Looking to have my 2004 Itasca done. 

  3. Manholt DP had Michelin 275/80R 22.5 XZA3 LRG James
  4. Thanks Wolfe10, They are one grade up from what was on the coach. I am just concerned about the ride. James
  5. So much information I am going crazy. I'm getting ready to replace all six of my tires on my DP. I have found some Michelin 275/80R 22.5H XZA3+Plus. Anyone have any experience with these. I have a 2004 Horizon.
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