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  1. Another factor could be a leaking return valve if you have HWH hydraulic slides. On my 2005 Itasca Suncruiser my return valve leaked so badly that you could hardly get the slide out. However, when the valve leaks the bed slide would also creep in sine the valve was not closing completely
  2. Similar to TButler, I was stopped on TX 100 coming from South Padre two years ago in Los Fresnos. This year I went through the town slowly, 15 miles below the speed limit, and I picked up a policeman who followed me to the town line. According to several friends this is a common practice in Texas.
  3. After reading all the comments about magnetic signs I have to relate my tale. In 1994 I purchased a "Car In Tow" magnetic sign to attach to my Saturn station wagon. One problem, tailgate was fiberglass. I have since moved three times since then and have no idea where the sign is. I have not seen very many of these signs in recent years.
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