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  1. Still having problems air dump switch check today have no 12 volts going to air solenoid check fuse and fuse is good no 12 volts to air dump switch. Any suggestions on what to check? Running a 12 volts line to solenoid works good-- dumps air.
  2. Speakers or humming when tv in on. Vinyl stripes or just faded motorhome being indoor most of it life.The rv think is new to me thank for the help. thank tommy
  3. We just had a KVH in-motion satellite system installed in our 2005 Monoco Cayman, and now we are hearing humming sound coming from speakers on the TV. Any ideas on what's causing this or how to fix? Tommy
  4. How does the air dump switch work on a 2005 Monaco Cayman? Any help would be appreciated.
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