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  1. This is what I carry. Not real easy to open and close but serves so many useful purposes. Have another 3-stepper that I pull out for cleaning windshield when I fuel.
  2. kranky, some feedback for your question. I am a semi-retired professional truck driver of 42 years experience who has trucked around 48 states and parts of Canada. I run my class A down the Interstates at a sedate 60-62 mph and the two lanes at 55 mph, keeping to the right lane as much as possible. That is the same speed I run my Peterbilt when I am working. I think you will find the 80 mph commercial trucks are pretty much a thing of the past. They would be held up by all the trucks restricted to 62-65 mph. In the course of a days run at 62 mph, motorhome or Peterbilt, I usually pass as many as I am passed by. I drive first for safety, then for fuel mileage (can be a significant difference between 60 and 65 mph), and seldom worry about other traffic as long as I am not in the left lane holding them up. Take care of your ride, and remember, it's not the destination, it's the journey! Al Thought I'd add, that is a beautiful bus you have there! Take care of her.
  3. Thanks, Herman. Will start planning for it.
  4. Herman, My wife and I are looking at our "schedule" for this year and are interested in the Midwest Area Rally, Amana, Iowa, in July. The FMCA list of area rallies shows the South Central in Oklahoma in September 2016. Is the info incorrect? I am recovering from a couple of minor surgeries and won't have time to travel for next couple months but July will work well and September is our favorite month to get out and travel. The Oklahoma Rally would probably be a definite if it is in September. Appreciate the information, Thanks, Al
  5. Mathew, I can't offer any advise since I am in the same position as you, trying to decide on a brake system for my 33' 8.1L gas motor home. I'll be following your post and hope you keep us informed on your decision. Thanks to Herman's suggestion in another thread about attending a Rally to see and handle many of the brake systems available and talk directly to the vendors, I believe I'm going to hold off making my decision until I can do that. Hopefully July in Iowa. Good luck with your decision.
  6. Thanks Herman, but I am already committed for the immediate future. When I was raising five kids, I could always load them up and take off on a minutes notice but anymore, seems like I'm booked two months ahead. Will those vendors be at the Midwest or South Central Area Rally this summer/fall? I could plan ahead for them and those two are within a days drive of me. Thanks, Al
  7. Looking in to that M&G link you provided. Thanks. The InvisiBrake you mentioned Carl is one that kind of has my attention. I'm going to go back for another look at it. Too many choices! Too bad you can't find a shop where you can go in and try them all out.
  8. jleamont, Interesting point about the cross members. I'll have to look into that. I always figured that if I had to slam on the brakes going into a turn, I was probably pretty much out of luck anyway. I think the price of all the brake systems out there are pretty much ridiculous, especially since none of them seem to be that great (except to some individuals), but I would pay it if only to stay legal, as long as they don't cause me problems. I hope to get one that I can adjust to where it only comes on when I apply the brakes vigorously and not every time I touch the brake pedal.
  9. Carl, the extension on my Coachmen was about 48", butt-welded to frame, then an approximately 1/2" slab overlapping each and welded to the outside. Plenty strong I thought but that seemed to most to be the weak link in the hitch and is why I ran the cable all the way forward to the truck frame which conveniently had holes already in it to weave through. I haven't installed them on my Damon yet so really not sure what I am going to run into. I would prefer to, and probably will, have a local welding shop reinforce this hitch as we intend to keep this one for a while. I may still put my cables on as I already have them and they will be out of site and out of the way. I'm always one for backups.
  10. Had a Triton V10. No complaints. Yes, it made some noise and turned high RPMs, but I have no complaints about it. We ran all over the west with it, mountains and all, usually pulling a 1500 HD Silverado 4x4, and it done the job. You're going to have to spend a lot of money to beat it. Al
  11. Rodger, again thanks for the link. I have plans that are not finalized for May but I may be able to work at least 3 days in to get to Etown. Herman, you make a very good point and it has been one of my main considerations. Yes Carl, I've seen some very scary combinations out there, and I don't intend to be one of them. Back to Rodger, I don't mind a bit you or anyone with knowledge or experience expanding on my post when it may bring up things neither I nor others may have thought of. dd690, that is what I am concerned about on a brake system. Only drawback to my gas rig that I can see is lack of an air brake system. Guess you can't have everything. Obed, appreciate the info on adjusting the Ready Brake. Thanks, Blake. Appreciate your experience, especially towing a truck that large and heavy. My biggest concerns with a supplemental brake system is them dragging and getting hot or locking up at the wrong time. Glad to hear you have had no problem. Appreciate all who have responded. I will continue to watch for more info. Safe Traveling to all of you! Al
  12. Believe me, I know what the book says. That wasn't my question. The cable with the slack in it is an idea that had occurred to me and I was wondering if anyone else would mention it. ObedB, Dexter is a nice little town now, settled down some. It's about 75 miles from me. That NSA Ready Brake has been the one I've been considering, mainly for price. I just don't want to fall off some mountain grade out west and discover my brakes on my Silverado burnt up and needing replacing so I probably wouldn't fully utilize it's abilities. Trucker to Trucker, I just need it more for show than anything else. Any more ideas, I'm open to suggestions.
  13. Thanks for the link, Rodger. I'd never heard of them before but I have now shot them an email with my post attached. I will be keeping an eye out for their answer and be back here with any new information. I don't believe that gross weight on a 30' or 32' gas motorhome is much of a problem. The main problem is the hitch and the way I understand it is they won't put a higher rated hitch on it due to the way the MH manufacturers extend the truck frames. When I first got my Coachmen, I looked under it and could see where the extension had been welded on, even had a plate welded on the side, and when I installed support cables, I ran them all the way forward of where the extension began and connected to the original truck chassis.
  14. I've read nearly everything that has been written the last four years on towing on this forum and several others and I know everyone has their own opinion. What I would like is feedback from those who have done what I am doing. I have a 2005 Damon Challenger with the 8.1 Vortec (before this, a 2002 Coachmen Mirada with Triton V10) and I use it to pull a 2001 Silverado 1500 HD 4x4. I use a Blue Ox Hitch rated for 10,000 pounds, and my gross combined vehicle weight (MH and pickup) with all tanks full is 25,430 pounds with my wife and I on board. The GCWR for my MH is 26,000 pounds. Three things I'd like those with knowledge (not just opinions) to comment on. First, brakes. I do not have a brake system for my pickup. I have talked to people all over the country and found many do not use a brake system. Some never have, others tried it and didn't like it. I've been pulling farm trailers and wagons most of my early life with heavy loads hooked behind a 1/2 ton pickup and never had a problem. I did a panic stop in Alburquerque, NM two years ago with the Coachmen and Silverado, set it down in four lanes of traffic, and it stopped fine. Second, hitch. Hitch on my MH is rated for 5,000 pounds. Can't find one rated higher unless I have it custom built. I reinforced it with two 5,000 lb cables linked to the truck frame and through the hitch for extra security and am not worried about the thing coming off or losing my pickup, just the legality. Third, pickup weight. FMCA towing PDF shows approx curb weight for a 2001 Silverado 4X4 as 4,413 lbs. My pickup wieghs more. But my gross combined weight is still under legal weight for the combined unit. I have pulled this pickup in every state west of the Mississippi except Washington and Oregon and most of the midwest. I've had it on grades up to 7% and 8%, never had either MH overheat or smoke a brake. Anyone that says a gas engine, Ford Triton V10 or Chevy V8 Vortec, can't pull a load this size in the mountains has probably never tried. I'm not the fastest rig on the road but not the slowest either, especially considering I seldom run over 62 miles per hour, even downhill. I'm a professional driver, over 42 years on the road with rigs of all kinds and sizes. I keep my CDL because I still drive on weekends sometimes. I'll put my driving and safety record up against that of anyone out there. That being said, I would upgrade my hitch to a heavier one if it could be done for a reasonable price and would install a brake system to comply with various laws if I found one that I was sure I could trust to not damage my pickup brakes. Now, comments and discussion from those with personal knowledge and experience are welcome.
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