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  1. A couple of suggestions: 1. Use copper wire. 2. Both Lowes & Home Depot sell a weather proof metal box with the 30 Amp outlet already inside the box. Made for RVs @30 amps and 120 volts . 3. Spoke to Tiffin Motor Homes yesterday and a local RV park owner. All 30 Amp RV outlets are 120 volts. 4. You should also consult with someone that knows about voltage drop. If the 30 Amp outlet that you are going to plug your RV into is over 100 feet away (the distance between the fuse block and the plug you may need to increase the wire size to more than a # 10 gauge. The longer the distance between to fuse panel and the motor home the greater the chance that your voltage will drop below the 115v to 120v needed to run your appliances such as refrigerator, tvs, microwave, heat pump etc and you could burn them out. Allen acjc18@gmail.com
  2. We are new members living in the Boston area. We have a 36 foot Tiffin Phaeton and are planning a fall trip to the West Coast. We would like to find indoor storage with electricity from Mid-November to Mid-January in Southern CA or Southern AZ so we can leave the motor home and toad and fly home for the holidays. We plan to spend the winter in CA, AZ, and NM. Anyone know of a secure indoor facility? Thanks ajcotti
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